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Undoubtedly a man who changed the course of history in many ways, Jesus of Nazareth, known in the Christian faith as Jesus Christ, lived from approximately 1 to 33 AD in Judea of the Roman Empire. He is the central figure in the Christian religion, and is believed to be the Messiah and the Son of God. So what do you know about Jesus, both from history and from the Bible? Take our Jesus quizzes and test your knowledge! What was Jesus’ father’s occupation? In what regions did Jesus preach? What famous shroud is said to contain Jesus’ likeness? On what hill was he crucified? Approximately how many times does Jesus’ name appear in the Bible? What foods does the Bible record Jesus as having eaten? What was the name of Jesus’ famous second cousin? What are some of the miracles associated with Jesus in the Bible? What teachings did Jesus share at the Sermon on the Mount? If you are in the know about all things Jesus, take our quizzes!

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