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Bible Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Catholic Bible and King James Bible?
The most significant difference between the Catholic Bible and King James Bible lies chiefly on the printed words. The King James version that has been known for centuries throughout the world is the one that makes use of what is considered the Old E
What is the lucky number in the Bible and why?
Although there are many numbers in the Bible with distinct significance and representation, the luckiest number is 7 in the Bible. The reason behind this is totally based on beliefs and devotion of the people. Number 7 is called God’s number
Why is understanding the kingdom of God so important for Christians?
D. It helps us to learn about the prophecies of the Old Testament
What is the main points of James Chapter 1?
what is the full manuscript of james chapter one? what is the introduction of james chapter one? what is the body of james chapter one? the main points the sub pints of james chapter one?what is the conclussion of james chapter one?