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  • The Book of Job is about a guy who
    Psalms question from

  • The reason Job suffers is because God allows Satan to attack him
    Psalms question from

  • At the end of the Book of Job it turns out that Job did have a legitimate argument about his situation and God agrees and keeps Satan from attacking him.
    Psalms question from

  • The _________ declare the glory of God,  and the sky above __________ his handiwork.
    Psalms question from

  • Day to _______ pours out speech, and night to night reveals _________.
    Psalms question from

  • There is no _________, nor are there words, whose ________ is not heard.
    Psalms question from

  • The theological stance stating that we came from one Adam and one Eve as related in Genesis, really happened. 
    Psalms question from

  • Which of the following situations constitutes original sin?
    Psalms question from

  • The first Eve that was discovered archaeological was found in Antarctica.
    Psalms question from

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