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New Testament Questions and Answers

  • To whom was the Book of Acts written? (1:1)

  • Before he ascended, what two things did Jesus command the disciples to do? (1:8)

  • After Jesus ascended, what did the angels promise? (1:11)

  • How do you feel about bullying?                                    
    New testament question from

  • Whats your favorite thing to do?                         
    New testament question from

  • Whats your favorite animal?
    New testament question from

  • The earliest non-Christian witness to Jesus was _________  __________.
    New testament question from

  • According to the Talmud  the name for Jesus, the founder of Christianity was Ben Pandera.
    New testament question from

  • In The Annals, _________ is explicit about Christianity in Rome.
    New testament question from

  • The most important documents about the early church are found in
    New testament question from

  • The name Theophilus means
    New testament question from

  • The geographical interests in Luke covers
    New testament question from

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