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A talking donkey, naked revelers, slipping a roofie to your unsuspecting father: the Old Testament has it all! In fact, it would probably be best viewed from a seedy hotel off Route 85 or at a frat party. Do you ever wonder...

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    My theme song is...

Welcome to the Full Life Bible Institute Quiz #2.  Remember this is a CLOSED book and Bible test.  If you CHEAT you will NOT REAP the blessings of God intended from this Institute.   Walk in the...

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    The bible consists of:

In using the bible, it is very basic that you know where to find the document. Is it in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) or Christian Scriptures (New Testament)? Check if you know your way.

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    Which of the three do you find in the Old Testament?

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Old Testament Questions & Answers

What story does the book of Exodus tell?
All of the above is completely false.The end of Genesis saw Joseph's death and Solomon is not even introduced in the Pentateuch, much less his temple.The correct answer is B. Moses and the Israelites coming out of Egypt.
What is the difference between the Old Testament and New Testament?
The old testament and new testament are both included in the bible. The old testament does not speak to the gospels. On the other hand, it tells us why the Jews were in search of the messiah. The messiah is recognized as Jesus of Nazareth due to the
What is the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers known as?
The correct answer is option C – Mesopotamia Mesopotamia is the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The word "Mesopotamia" in Greek means "between two rivers". Mesopotamia is an ancient region located in the easter
What is the agent of weathering that causes rock layers to flake off?
1. internal pressure-just like when water freezes from the outside -> inward. rock form from the outside inward. when some things solidify (water) they expand [glass jar will break if filled with water and put in the freezer]. so just like when ice