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The Book of Hebrews refers to the collection of texts in the New Testament also known as the Letter to the Hebrews and Epistle to the Hebrews. Although the identity of the author of the book remains to be a topic for debate and discussion in churches and among scholars today, the Book of Hebrews is attributed to Paul the Apostle.

There was a prevalent doubt about whether Jesus is actually a Messiah during the time the book was written because Jesus was born as a man and died from Roman crucifixion instead of being a king who will destroy the enemies as foretold by the Hebrew Scriptures. The Book of Hebrews apparently addresses this issue. Can you tell how the Book of Hebrews solved the problem? Was the book capable of establishing that Jesus is really a king? How did the book do that? You will learn more about the Book of Hebrews in these quizzes.

Question on the Book of Hebrews for Bible Bowl.

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  • Sample Question
    Hebrews 2:9, Why was Jesus made a little lower than the angels?

This quiz is based on the teachings of the Biblical books Hebrews, James and 1-2 Peter, February 23, 2011.

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  • Sample Question
    It was a struggle for the Hebrew Christians to stay strong as Christians because it was easier to drift back into the ways of the Old Covenant.

This is the Lakeside Bible Bowl quiz for Hebrews chapters 11-13

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    What is the substance of things hoped for?  

This Bible Bowl quiz for Lakeside.  This quiz covers Hebrews chapters 5-6.

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  • Sample Question
    For every High Priest taken from among men is appointed for men in things pertaining to ________?

The book of Hebrew is an important book when it comes to the rules that Christians have to follow depending on the teachings of the old and new testaments. How familiar are you with the said teachings? Take up the quiz...

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 71   |  Last updated: Nov 14, 2018
  • Sample Question
    Jesus consecrated a new and living way for us through the veil.  To what does the veil refer?

Book Of Hebrews Questions & Answers

What does it say that the Lord does to those he loves in Hebrews 12:6?
In Hebrew Chapter 12, v5-6 "its states ",that whom God loves he Chastens. that like if we love our children we chastise them if we dont then we dont love them.
Who is she? Her devotion to her mother-in-law set an example for how people should treat family members.
Esther has no mother in law in the book... the right answer is Ruth.. kindly check the answer again