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What is the book of numbers? Do you know? People who may not know a lot of details about Catholicism may not be too familiar with this, but this has often been connected to the Holy Bible. This book in the Bible started in Mount Sinai. This is the place wherein the Israelites have received the ten commandments. It was the time when God showed that He is one with his people, and the story has progressed from there.

A lot of people say that Moses is in the center of a lot of stories that are available in this particular book in the Bible. It also contains stories about how the Israelites wandered through the wilderness with the help and the leadership of Moses before they reached Israel. The sad part about this fourth book in the old testament in the Bible is Moses never reached the promised land. He just looked on as the people walked towards it from the top of the mountain.

Test your knowledge of the book of Numbers.

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    Numbers derived its name form which of the following:

After about a year of the Exodus, a Nation was moving as promised by God into their Land. At the wake of the book of Numbers, God ordered Moses to do a head count of the Israelis and to select among them men of war or better put...

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    What other name is the book called?

The book of Numbers is the fourth book of the Bible and also the fourth out of the five Moses wrote. It is the book that displayed the cowardice of a certain generation of the children of Israel their distrust in God made Him to...

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    Why is the book also called the book of Moses?

The book of Numbers is one of the books of the holy bible at the beginning of the old testament. This book contains valuable information about the laws of God for the Israelites after they were led from Egypt. Numbers is a...

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    What book precedes Numbers in the Christian bible? 

The book of Numbers talks about the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel as instructed by the Lord. What do you know about the Bible? Do you know the Bible well? How well do you understand the book of Numbers?...

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    Where did God minister to Moses to take a census? 

Book Of Numbers Questions & Answers

How were Aaron and his sons told to bless the Israelites?
When Aaron and his sons were told how to bless the Israelites, they were given the specific blessing called “The Priestly Blessing”. The blessing goes as follows: “The Lord bless three, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine up
In caes of war, who would serve as israels soldier?
Where in the bible does it state this? All men over 20 were allowed to serve