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It is the most widely adopted faith around the world as part of Christianity. Catholicism can be found in countries all over the globe, from South America to small countries in Asia. Hundreds of millions of people are going to a catholic church but how well do you know Catholicism? Are you a catholic or just interested in the catholic faith?

Can you answer the questions that we have included in our catholic quizzes? What was the year when the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church split? When was the term catholic used for the first time in history? In how many groups can we split Christians that consider themselves as Catholics? Show us what you know about the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church, and solve the trivia.
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    What does the term Doctor of the Church mean?

The Catholic Church agreed on which writings should go into the Bible at the Council of Rome in 382 AD during the time of Pope Damascus. It has seven extra books unlike the commonly used Christian bible. What more do you know...

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    What is scripture?

Catholic Faith preaches the profound love and forgiveness of God as well as the belief in the love and healing from God. This quiz tests your knowledge of the Catholic faith. Read the questions carefully and answer. These are...

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    The Church not being able to ordain women to the priesthood is a doctrine of the faith that cannot be changed by the Church.

How well do you know the traditions of the Catholic Church?  Take this quiz to test your understanding of the meaning of the symbolism used in the Traditional Holy Mass.  don't worry if you don't get them all...

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    Why does the Catholic Church use the colour red in eccliastical vestments at certain times of the year?

From "This Rock" - the magazine of Catholic Answers "Some call it "the pop quiz from hell." Others call it things we can't print in a family magazine. You are about to find out if you know as...

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    In the Mass...


Catholic Questions & Answers

Is Catholicism a false religion?
No, Catholicism is not a false religion and yes, Catholics are saved. But really, it doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not, it always depends on the actions of the person throughout their lives. And the most critical issue using the Roman Catholic
What is a purgatory?
Purgatory is a belief of some Christians. Not all believe them, but the ones that do have a strong opinion about it. Purgatory is thought to be a place for those that died with grace but didn't die with having a love for Jesus. Protestants don't beli
What is a deacon?
Deacons are titles for religious officials in the Christian Church. There are many other religious officials in the church, including Bishops and Priest. Deacons come after these people. To become a Deacon, the person must become ordained by the chur
What is the name of a small bowl that is given to a priest to wash his hands during the liturgy of the Eucharist?
The answer to this is The finger bowl. There are a lot of items that the priest uses during the mass that people may not be familiar to by name. They all have different meanings and significance. The finger bowl is also known as lavabo. This serves a
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