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It’s time for our Chinese History set of questions, part of a range of fascinating quizzes that span out thousands of years and encompasses emperors, magnificent constructions and incredible inventions. You think you know your Asian game? Think again: “When did the Han dynasty rule over China?”, “How long is the Great Wall of China?”, “What was its purpose?”, “In what part of China can the Terracotta Army be found?”, “Who is the founder of the Ming Dynasty?”, “When did the First Sino-Japanese War begin?”. If you’ve got these right, don’t take a break. We’ve got more coming and it’s sure to get your neurons in a rush. You might want to order some Chinese food and get in the mood with noodles and bamboo. Onwards, to victory and glory!

China is one of the oldest and longest lasting civilizations. The history can be traced back over 4,000 years, which is located on the eastern part of the continent of Asia. Now, it's the most populous country in...

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    What were Confucius's Ideas called?

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    China is located on the continent of: 

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    The two major rivers that gave rise to Chinese civilization were:

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    A group of non-elected public officials is known as a bureaucracy .... true or false?

Just for me and my friends to study for the test tomorrow

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    Name the two deserts in Ancient China

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Ancient China Questions & Answers

Who overthrew the Shang Dynasty?
To be exact, it was overthrew by its last emperor and the Emperor Wuwang, Jifa. In ancient China, Chinese people believed in constellation and the heaven deeply and star moving shows that it emperors will occur in Zhou and Heaven will suppo
In which river valley did Chinas civilization begin
It should be Huang He alright? Just check on the internet.🙄️