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Dragons, pagodas and terra cotta soldiers. These are just a very few of the interesting parts of Chinese culture. We’re visiting China this time and all of its magnificent cities filled with history. China is also the world’s second largest economy and will soon become the largest.

So let us see if you know anything about China. We’ve got these quizzes for you and we need you to answer as many questions as possible. What was the year when the Boxer rebellion took place in China?

When did China become a member of the United Nations replacing the ROC? What is the biggest City in China? What ethnic group is the majority in China? Get all of them right and China will remember you.

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    Where is China?

China has the largest population in the world, with over 1.3 billion people. We got to learn that much of China’s modern beliefs and philosophies are based on the teachings of a government official who lived nearly...

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    Who was the leader of the Communist (Cultural) Revolution in China?

The Zhou Dynasty had an agricultural centered economy that had increased production when farmers settled in the Yangzi River. This dynasty is actually considered the longest lasting dynasty in China. What can you recall...

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    Which dynasty was China's longest lasting dynasty.  It began in 1100s BC and ended 771 BC

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    What is the most common form of Chinese spoken in the south of China, in Hong Kong and in Macau?

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    What continent is China on?

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China Questions & Answers

Is it true that before the Silk Road opened, Romans had never seen or heard of silk?
The Silk Road was used between 114 BCE and 1450 CE, which is a very long time. It began in Europe and had a few routes that someone could take to get to China or another part of southeastern Asia. The reason that the Silk Road was opened was to allow
What is the nickname the ancient Chinese used to refer to their own land?
Middle Kingdom.The Chinese name for China "Zhong Guo" can be translated as Middle Country, or Middle Kingdom.
Which continent includes China?
The answer is letter B. The continent that includes China is Asia. China has a total land area of 9,569,901 square kilometers and a water surface of 27,060 square kilometers. This makes China the 4th largest nation in the world in terms of total area
How many time zones are there in China?
Today, there is only one time zone in China. However, that is always not the case before 1949. During the years before China adopted one time zone, there used to be five different time zones across the country – Kunlun (UTC +05:30), Tibet (UTC