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  • Is it true that before the Silk Road opened, Romans had never seen or heard of silk?
    Is it true that before the Silk Road opened, Romans had never seen or heard of silk?
    The Silk Road was used between 114 BCE and 1450 CE, which is a very long time. It began in Europe and had a few routes that someone could take to get to China or another part of southeastern Asia. The reason that the Silk Road was opened was to allow people from Europe and western Asia to get to China and trade for their silk. It was dangerous for people to make this trip because they would be walking over mountainous terrain and through desert areas. Many people would take another route to get to the silk in China before the road being built. However, danger still existed even after the Silk Road was made because robbers would wait on the way.

  • What is the nickname the ancient Chinese used to refer to their own land?
    What is the nickname the ancient Chinese used to refer to their own land?
    Middle Kingdom.The Chinese name for China "Zhong Guo" can be translated as Middle Country, or Middle Kingdom.

  • Which continent includes China?
    Which continent includes China?
    The answer is letter B. The continent that includes China is Asia. China has a total land area of 9,569,901 square kilometers and a water surface of 27,060 square kilometers. This makes China the 4th largest nation in the world in terms of total area with 9,596,961 square kilometers. China has a total population of more than 1 billion people, thus making it the most populated country in the world. Asia, on the other hand, is the largest continent in the world in terms of population with 4.4 billion people and area with more than 49 million square kilometers. Aside from China, some of the countries situated in Asia are as follows: Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, India, Iran, Maldives, Pakistan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

  • How many time zones are there in China?
    How many time zones are there in China?
    Today, there is only one time zone in China. However, that is always not the case before 1949. During the years before China adopted one time zone, there used to be five different time zones across the country – Kunlun (UTC +05:30), Tibet (UTC +06:00), Kansu-Szechwan (UTC +07:00), Chungyuan (UTC +08:00) and Changbai UTC (+08:30) time zones. This means that the time at a certain place may not be the same to other places. However, in 1949, China started to follow UTC +08:00 Beijing time as decreed by Chairman Mao Zedong to have national unity throughout the whole country. This kind of time zone may be a little odd in some places in China because a few places there experience long nights or short days, so they all have to adjust their body clock and follow the standard time zone.

  • What were the 2 main rivers of ancient dynasties in China?
    What were the 2 main rivers of ancient dynasties in China?
    The two most important rivers to China’s ancient dynasties were the Yellow River (Huang He; China’s Sorrows), and the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang). These two rivers span the eastern half of the country. They start off around the same point, but the Yellow River travels further north than the Yangtze River. These rivers were the main source of water for growing food, for drinking water, and for whatever animals farmers kept in the early days of China. Today, both rivers are horribly polluted. The communist party’s early days in power caused a lot of problems for the country, though they’re not willing to admit that. The Great Leap Forward policy of the 1970s and 1980s created an atmosphere where no one cared about the environment.

  • The excavation site of the First Emperor's tomb nearby Xi'an is a great tourist attraction. When you visit the tomb, you can see sacrificed slaves, concubines, and craftsmen who designed...
    The excavation site of the First Emperor's tomb nearby Xi'an is a great tourist attraction. When you visit the tomb, you can see sacrificed slaves, concubines, and craftsmen who designed...
    I don't know

  • Why does China feel Facebook to be a threat to their national security?
    Why does China feel Facebook to be a threat to their national security?
    This is certainly an indicator of the situation with China. Facebook puts a lot of power in the hands of the people. This is something that China doesn't want as the Communist party wants to hold complete and ultimate power within their nation. No other group or person is allowed to have power outside of the power of the nation. The amount of connections that Facebook can give to a person is a fearful matter for the Chinese Government. Facebook will allow people to express their opinions and broadcast it to a large group of people. If this is allowed, people who oppose the government can open up accounts and spread information to overpower the Chinese Communist government that wants supreme authority.

  • What is the biggest weakness of the Chinese government?
    What is the biggest weakness of the Chinese government?
    The biggest weakness of the Chinese government is that they exist in an increasingly modern world but they wish to operate with a form of dictatorship. They wish to hold ultimate power, but in this realm of technology and the world moving forward, they are in a difficult situation. On one side, they are busy working the "system" to be productive in the world market. They are developing their manufacturing to compete with the best in the world. They not only compete, but also outrun the competition. But what are the people to do? They remain in darkness, under the control of a dictatorial government. They are also working on developing the technology side as well, but they want to keep the people under control. The problem with this feature is this that as the people become more tech savvy and as the country relates with the rest of the world, there is no way for them to keep control as they have been doing. If they stayed away from the rest of the world, they may have been able to accomplish what they want to do. But this is their greatest weakness.

  • Why did China conquer Tibet?
    Why did China conquer Tibet?
    The conquering of Tibet by Communist China was a catastrophic event in several ways. The invasion in 1950 put the land into years of turmoil and finally the Tibetan Government was completely overthrown. Finally, the Dalai Lama along with about 100,000 people had to leave the country because their lives were in danger. It is also reported that more than one million people of Tibet were killed. Tibet is actually a large country and in land mass would be considered the 10th largest nation. The land also has a rich supply of natural resources and strategically borders India. China claims that Tibet has been part of China for over 800 years, but Tibetans assert that they have been an independent nation for over 2,000 years.

  • Why are Chinese tourists considered the worst tourists in the world?
    Why are Chinese tourists considered the worst tourists in the world?
    More than a hundred million Chinese people travel the world as tourists all over the world. In many places, it was the Chinese tourists who have sustained the tourism industry. Yet they may have picked up such a name due to the fact the country has been closed off from the rest of the world so long. This has been a recent trend where they are able to step up and travel the world. They may not be aware of how to relate with people of various cultures. They have been isolated within their country for so long while the rest of the world experienced travel and the cultures of various countries.

  • Who are the richest people in China?
    Who are the richest people in China?
    China's rich people are a world apart from the common people of the land as so many are poor peasants and just live from hand to mouth. The richest person now is Xu Jiayin (Hui Ka Yan) who has a net worth of $42.5 billion. He made his wealth through real estate. The second richest is Ma Huateng with $39 billion in wealth made as a result of his internet media business that has gained so much success. The third richest is probably the most popular one: Jack Ma with $38.6 billion in wealth. He made his wealth through his e-commerce business and has impacted the world with his principles. Many more billionaires are also part of the Chinese elite and have a handsome line of wealth to show for their hard work. In spite of the Communist regime, there are opportunities for people to come up and make tremendous wealth.

  • What should I remember while traveling through China?
    What should I remember while traveling through China?
    Whenever you travel to a different country, it is important to be aware of several important factors so that you are not caught by surprise. Such surprises will run you into troubles you don't want. But if you keep these things in mind, it will make your time there a lot smoother. First, it is vital to know that Cash is preferred. Only the largest hotel chains will accept international credit cards and many accept Union Pay. Second, Make sure you have the Chinese currency with you as you travel. None other is accepted there. Third, it is cheapest to get Chinese currency at ATMs that accept international cards. Please note that only the more tourist friendly areas will have such ATMs. Fourth, make sure to inform your bank and credit card companies that you are traveling overseas. Otherwise, your card may get blocked when it is used in other countries.

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