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Comrade, the time has come for us to rise. The nation is weak and people have lost faith in the czar. We cannot sit idly anymore and wait. We must gather the men right now and go for the capital. We must take power and save all of our country from the threat that is at its doorstep. Will you join us, comrade? Do you want to fight with us for Mother Russia?

What was the year when the Russian Revolution began? Who is the famous Soviet leader who led the forces that overthrew the Provisional Government in October? The revolution gave rise to the Russian Civil War that lasted until when? Quick, we have to move right now. For Mother Russia. Uraa!!

The Russian Revolution in 1917 dismantled the Tsarist autocracy and led to the rise of the Soviet Union. What do you know about this pivotal moment in Russian history? Find out now in this Russian history-centric quiz!

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    Identify what the February Revolution achieved. (3 answers)

Test your knowledge of significant people and events in the lead up to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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    When did Nicholas 11 ascend to the throne?

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    Which is the correct order of succession of tsars?

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    January 1905

Russian Revolutions.

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    As a result of the February Revolution

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Russian Revolution Questions & Answers

Who were the Duma?
The Duma were the state assembly of Russia. First instituted by Tsar Nicholas II in 1905 it was intended to be an elected legislative body that, along with the State Council, made Russian law, and it did until the time of the March 1917 Revolution. H
Why did the White Army fail to overthrow the Bolsheviks?
The White Army failed to overthrow the Bolsheviks mainly because the Bolsheviks received support from the working class of central Asia. While the Bolsheviks had Lenin as their leader, no one person was in charge of the White Army.   The Whit
Why was the Romanov family executed by Lenin?
The Romanov family (Tsar Nicholas II, wife, 5 children and many others) were shot in Yekaterinburg on the night of 16 – 17th July 1918 under the orders of the Ural Regional Soviet and according to instructions by Lenin. Emperor   Alexan
Why is the Soviet Communism called as a paradox of Marxism?
Marxism and socialism are two systems. What they have in common is the belief that assets and resources should be equally shared by all citizens irrespective of class or birth. Although it may appear that this was what Lenin was espousing, unlike Mar