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Did you know in which year the Battle of Carillon was fought? What was the name of Canada’s first newspaper? Take the online Candian history quizzes to learn interesting facts about Canada, the second biggest country in the world.
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The physical geography of Canada is widely varied. Boreal forests prevail throughout the country, ice is prominent in northerly Arctic regions and through the Rocky Mountains, and the relatively flat Canadian Prairies in...

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  • Sample Question
     Who is Canada's Prime Minister?

How well do you know Canada?  This quiz has a variety of questions with varying degrees of difficulty.  Focus mainly on the last century.

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  • Sample Question
    What is the capital of Canada?

Finish this quiz and it will explain every question after you finish. Do my quiz and it will help get better grade. Hope you enjoy! and try to do the practice quiz first.

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  • Sample Question
    Where is the first place that's industrialized in Canada East 1840 s?

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  • Sample Question
    What crazy event occurred in the 1987 World Junior Championship hockey tournament preventing Canada a chance at gold?

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