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  • What is the largest city in Canada?
    What is the largest city in Canada?
    I wasn't sure if this was by population or area but both are wrong either way. Vancouver'spopulation is around 600,000 and its area is 115 km squared. Toronto'spopulation is over 2 million and its area is 630 km squared. Also if you were going by metro population, Vancouver would also be wrong. Vancouver has a metro population of 2.6 million, while Toronto'sis well over 5 million.

  • How was the Canadian shield formed?
    How was the Canadian shield formed?
    The Canadian Shield, likewise called the Laurentian Plateau, is an expansive territory of uncovered Precambrian volcanic and high-review metamorphic rocks (topographical shield) that structures the old land center of the North American mainland. Made out of molten magma coming about because of its long volcanic history, the region is secured by a thin layer of soil. With a profound, normal, joined bedrock district in eastern and focal Canada, it extends north from the Incomparable Lakes to the Ice Sea, covering over portion of Canada; it likewise broadens south into the northern scopes of the United States. Human populace is scanty, and modern advancement is negligible, while mining is predominant. The Canadian Shield is in excess of 3.96 billion years of age. The Canadian Shield once had rough pinnacles, higher than any of the present mountains, yet a great many years of erosion have changed these mountains to moving slopes

  • Is Canada safe for tourists?
    Is Canada safe for tourists?
    Hi There, Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It is the world's second-largest country by total area. Canada has a beautiful and amazing nature for the tourist to experience. Canada is a safe country to travel as a tourist. To travel to Canada you need a visa, without a visa you can't travel to Canada. So, to get a Canada Tourist Visa you need to follow Canada Visa Guide. Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility covers some aspects such as nationality, age, health standards and certain valid documents. The Canada visa for Indian requires an applicant to hold a passport which is valid for the next 6 months from the date of arrival in the country. Children below 18 years of age are not eligible to apply for a Canadian Visa. As per healthy requirement, the applicant must have no chronic disease. You must have a healthy bank balance to support yourself in Canada. If you are invited by your family/friends, an invitation letter needs to be attached with the application. Canada Visa Processing Time Proper documentation may avoid delay in the procedure. The estimated time for Canada visa 35 working days. What to do after Document submission for the visa? After documents submission, you need to wait for the embassy verification. After the embassy verification, you will be called for a biometric round. Your Bank account should have a healthy balance as per Canada visa requirements.

  • Who is Canadas current Prime Minister (last name only)?
    Who is Canadas current Prime Minister (last name only)?
    Justin Trudeau

  • How many ecozones does Canada have? 
    How many ecozones does Canada have? 
    If we are talking about terrestrial ecozones, Canada has fifteen. However, if we are talking about aquatic ecozones, Canada has five. The terrestrial ecozones are as follows: Arctic Cordillera which runs along the northeastern part of Labrador and Nunavut, Northern Arctic which includes north of Nunavut, Southern Arctic which extends across Quebec and the continental Northwest Territories, Taiga Plains which has an odd season wherein there summer is short and winter is long, Taiga Shield which also has short summer but the days are considerable longer than usual and cold winters with long nights, Boreal Shield which covers a wide portion of Alberta and Newfoundland, Atlantic Maritime which is located along with the Gaspe Peninsula, Mixedwood Plains which extends along Quebec to Windsor, Boreal Plans found in the center of Alberta, Prairies which covers south of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Taiga Cordillera which extend to the border between Northwest Territories and Yukon, Boreal Cordillera, Pacific Maritime which lies along the coast of British Columbia, Montane Cordillera and Hudson Plains. The aquatic ecozones are as follows: Arctic Basin Marine, Pacific Marine, Atlantic Marine, Northwest Atlantic Marine and Arctic Archipelago Marine.

  • What are the main biomes of western canada?
    What are the main biomes of western canada?
    The answer is letter C. The main biomes of Western Canada are tundra, grasslands and forests. Biomes are ecological communities of plants and animals occupying a large portion of an area. There are actually four (4) biomes in Canada, the other one that is not previously mentioned is desert, and these are divided into different subcategories such as semi-arid desert, boreal forest, alpine tundra and temperate rainforest. Tundra refers to regions where the climate is very cold with long winters and extremely short summers. This means that precipitation is low in this particular area all year long – vegetation includes grasses and lichens and animals include polar bears and arctic fox. Grassland is a region wherein grasses are short and trees do not get enough moisture. Forest would include boreal forest which means that this region is mostly composed of evergreen trees like pine. Some of the animals which live in this region are deer, black bears and wolves.

  • How many steps are there for a bill to become a law?
    How many steps are there for a bill to become a law?
    10 Introduction/First Reading,  Second Reading,  Committee Stage,  Report Stage,  Third Reading, If its passed goes to the Senate and repeats the same steps which equal's 10

  • What type of country does Canada represent?
    What type of country does Canada represent?
    Canada is a developed country. They have a pretty stable economy, a prime minister who respects many rights, and have a stable government as well. They’re so stable, government-wise, that they are able to accept a lot of refugees. The Canadians actually have a really cool system for that; they pair each refugee family with a community or, at the very least, with a family. This gives them someone they can meet right at the airport and get to know as they look for jobs and housing. It also lets them have a temporary place to stay and start creating friendships from the moment they come off the plane. As far as developed countries go, Canada is an ideal place.

  • What is the Canadian yield called?
    What is the Canadian yield called?
    The canada yield call is the calculated call price of a bond based on a yield equal to an equivalent-term government of canada bond plus an additional amount of yield added on. For example, if the equivalent-term government of canada bond has a yield of 5% and the canada yield call requires the issuer to add an additional 0.50% to the yield, the issuer would call back their bond at a price based on a yield of 5.50%. A yield spread is simply the difference between two yields. if an issuers 7% coupon bond is issued at par (i.e., the yield is 7%) and the canada yield call is 5%, the spread between these two yields is 7% - 5% = 2% or 200 basis points. The +50 in your text refers to adding 50 basis points to the yield. a basis point is one one-hundredth of a percentage point. therefore, 50 basis points would be equal to 0.50% (50 / 100 = 0.50%). Adding 50 basis points to 5%, for example, would be 5.50% (5% + 0.50% = 5.50%).

  • What would it be in Winnipeg if the time is 11:30 pm on Tue  in Victoria?
    What would it be in Winnipeg if the time is 11:30 pm on Tue  in Victoria?
    1:30 am Wed

  • What is it like living in Canada?
    What is it like living in Canada?
    Living in Canada is much like living anywhere else. There are pros and cons to it. There is a diversity of languages and ethnic groups and everyone is friendly. The winters are cold but that makes people stick together more, it seems. Things are more expensive, like food and merchandise. The streets are safer than many other countries and there are not many guns. I like that there is a special feeling about living in Canada because people are not pulling against each other and it is very peaceful. It is a beautiful country and I am proud to have lived there. Those who are the luckiest still live there.

  • What is the definition of a Foul Zone?
    What is the definition of a Foul Zone?
    A segment of track between the switch points and the clearance point of a switch

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