North America Quizzes & Trivia

Some of the biggest countries in the world are gathered here. Some of the biggest cities in the world can be found here. Some of the longest rivers and some of the largest freshwater lakes are located here.

North America has all of the geographic features that are known to man today and we are taking a trip there to see all of it with our North America quizzes. Are you ready for some traveling?

What is the largest country in terms of landmass in North America? Which one of the Great Lakes is the largest in terms of surface? What are the countries that are part of NAFTA? So join us on this trip to the fantastic continent of North America and find all of the correct answers.
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North America is a great continent that can be divided into five regions. A large number of foreigners are attracted to North America by its outstanding natural beauty as well as human-made wonders. Below is a World geography...

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    North America is the only continent with what?

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    1. Bering left St. Petersburg ahead of Chirikov.

Quiz on Canada and Mexico

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    What is the capital of Canada?

This quiz tests your knowledge of the Pilgrims and the Columbian Exchange.

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    Tell me if this sentence is TRUE or FALSE:Columbus was the first person to discover America.

Ch 6 the duel for north america. youre fat.

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    Pick more than one. What were the reasons that the French Colonization efforts were delayed?


North America Questions & Answers

What line separates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
The Equator. The equator is the line that separates the globe into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The equator is located at 0 degrees latitude. The equator is actually an imaginary line in the middle of a celestial body. Also, the Earth is w
Which ocean borders the east coast of North America?
The Atlantic Ocean is the boundary to the eastern coast of North America. This ocean covers over 40 million square miles in area. There are many different landforms on the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean. There are trenches, plains and canyons, to
How many countries does North american region has?
North America contains more than three countries. They main countries are Canada, United States and Mexico. Other countries and nations are included in Central America and the Caribbean which are also included in North America. They are the Bahamas,
What are the 3 countries in North America?
North America has several countries and dependent territories. Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Saint Lucia and the United