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Get ready for the fiesta as we some interesting quizzes about a new subject. This is the southernmost part of the Americas. Here are spoken languages of countries that are an entire ocean apart and yet they keep the same characteristics. Of course we are talking about South America, with some of the most interesting countries. Test your knowledge on South America with questions such as: What is the county where the dance named “samba” originated? What is the capital of Peru?

What was the name of the Spanish conquistador that led the expedition causing the fall of the Inca Empire? What is the official language in Brazil? Show us your rhythm and prepare to dance some of the famous South American dances with our quizzes.
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Names of capitals of all South American countries useful for studying for the IATA-UFTAA Foundation and Consultant course exams in the Travel and Tourism courses. So, let's try out this quiz and see how much you know about...

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    Name the capital of Brazil.

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    What country is 1?

Where would you fit in better? Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina or Brazil? 

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    What would you prefer to drink after a long day?

Learn the countries in South America, then take a randomized quiz at

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Get ready for the map test on South America

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    What country is labeled A?

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South America Questions & Answers

What hemisphere is North and South America in?
The correct answer is A, the Western hemisphere. The planet has four hemispheres: the Western hemisphere, the Eastern hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere, and the Southern hemipsphere. The equator is the imaginary line at 0 degrees latitude at the ce
Which country is not in South America?
Out of the given choices, the country which is not in South America is letter D or Mexico. Mexico, or officially known as the United Mexican States, is in the southern part of North America. It is ranked 13th in terms of area which covers a total are
What is the name of the largest rodent species found in South America?
Capybara is the name of the largest rodent species found in South America. They are native to South America such as Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, and inhabit the savannas and dense forests. Its scientific name is Hydrochoerus which translates to &l
What is the name of the mountain chain found along the western coast of South America?
The answer is letter C. Andes Mountains are the mountain chain found along the western coast of South America. It is the longest continental mountain range in the whole world which stretches from the northern to southern part of South America such as