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  • Which of these is a river located in Argentina?
    Which of these is a river located in Argentina?
    This is wrong all of them are located in the us come on

  • What things is Argentina famous for?
    What things is Argentina famous for?
      Argentina is famous for its rich culture in spite of its comparitively short history. Obviously the people of Argentina are quite esquisite and unique in their own way. This nation is known for the tango which many people have enjoyed. They have an elegant architecture that lines its streets with a particular air of complexity and majesty. Regarding food, this nation is known for steak and wine above all else. Soccer is another significant part of their culture. They have produced some great soccer players through the years and have mesmerized fans all across the globe with this sport. They also have had some important individuals in their history including Eva Perón, Che Guevara, and Diego Armando Maradona.

  • What is the national language of Argentina?
    What is the national language of Argentina?
    The official language of Argentina is certainly Spanish, and Spanish is spoken throughout the nation. But the Spanish of Argentina is somewhat different from that of Spain and other Spanish nations. So people of other Spanish nations may be able to understand Argentinian Spanish, but the differences are clearly recognizable. Their Spanish seems to have affinity towards Italian than with Spanish. Other languages spoken within Argentina include Italian, German, English, and French. There are also several indigenous languages such as Mapuche, Guarani, Aymara, Toba and Quechua. This shows that Argentina clearly has a cosmopolitan history and nature. Thus the nation is an interesting mix of various languages. But the national language still remains Spanish with their uniquely flavored Spanish.

  • What food is famous in Argentina?
    What food is famous in Argentina?
    You can't hardly go anyplace in Argentina where you can't find great steak and wine. This nation is especially famous for their beef and great tasting wine. One of the most famous dishes for Argentina is the asado, which is an elaborately prepared meal of grilled meat. For people of this land, it is one of their most important traditions when it comes to their dining. Their cuisine is clearly influenced by Europe with numerous Spanish dishes as well. Italian pasta and pizzas are also some of their favorites as well as pastries influenced by the French. So along with their language and culture, their cullinary traditions have a cosmopolitan nature.

  • What type of music do people listen to in Argentina?
    What type of music do people listen to in Argentina?
    The people of Argentina enjoy a wide variety of traditional, classical and popular music. One of the most notable and unique cultural contributions is tango. This was originated in Buenos Aires and the surrounding regions during the end of the 19th century. Significant changes took place in the tango throughout the 20th century, revealing its deep roots in the hearts of the people. The people of Argentina enjoy a variety of music styles and genres such as the Candombe, carnavalito, cumbia, media cana, polka, and rasguido doble. Some of these have originated in Argentina and have made the nation famous as a result. Other types of music may not have been founded here, but certainly the people enjoy listening to and performing such a variety.

  • What type of culture does Argentina have?
    What type of culture does Argentina have?
    Argentina is greatly influenced by the Spanish culture as well as the Italian culture. Various other European cultures also have had a great influence and certainly have left an importatnt legacy in their culture. Because of the American Indians who have been there for so long, their traditions play a major role of the moulding of the nation. The majority of Argentines were descended from Spanish and several European nations who have colonized the land in the past. The culture of modern Argentina is quite unique as well as a mix if different nationalites. They have drawn from the best of various nations as their nation has been built.

  • What languages do people speak in Argentina?
    What languages do people speak in Argentina?
    Throughout the nation of Argentina, there are at least 40 languages prevalent. Some of these languages are indigenous, coming from the original natives of the land, the Native American Indians. These languages are only spoken by them and the rest of the languages are from the immigrants. This of course includes Spanish, brought in by the Spanish settlers of long ago. Some of these languages are endangered, and spoken only by the elderly people of the land. Unfortunately, their descendants do not speak the language of their parents and the future generations will certainly not be able to speak those languages. Along with these, there also seems to be some languages that are now considered to be extinct. These are simply left for the history books and will never be picked up again and spoken. The languages of Argentina are quite vast and varied.

  • What is the population of Argentina?
    What is the population of Argentina?
    The most recent record of the population of Argentina is 45,028,946 as of Monday, April 29, 2019. This is based on the latest United Nations estimates. Thus Argentina is not a densely populated country. There is still opportunity for the population growth. The Argentine population is only equivalent to 0.58% of the total world population. Thus they make up a very small percentage of the world population. They also have a fairly young population with the median age at 31 years. This is an amazingly young nation, and that can be a great factor for the nation if they handle things properly

  • Which type of country Argentina is, rich or poor?
    Which type of country Argentina is, rich or poor?
    Primarily Argentina is a wealthy nation. But even though it is rich, there are many poor people there. Since 1991, the nation has gone through lots of changes in their financial status. The nation has been going through a lot of privatization of many of their government owned industries. Their inflation has dropped and they have opened up their commerce to foreign investors and this has made many changes. Poverty rates declined from 40% since 1990 to 22% in 1994. But, after 1994, the poverty rate increased a bit, with changes in their income distribution and other financial changes within their nation. The average per capita income has also increased leading to better income and living standards for the people in general. So the country of Argentina has experienced numerous changes that impacted their nation for the better, especially in the area of their finances.

  • Which is the best time to travel to Argentina?
    Which is the best time to travel to Argentina?
    Just like other nations that have a vast terrain, Argentina is as diverse as it gets. Thus their temperature varies in different parts of the country. But many suggest their springtime (October to the middle of December) as the best time to travel to Argentina. You will avoid the tourist crowds and the high prices of the peak tourist season. The central part of Argentina where Buenos Aires is located is quite comfortable at about 18°C with their warmest months in December to February. The southern part of the country has places like Argentine Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The best time to visit here is from December to March. But either way, the best time depends on where you want to go and what you want to do.

  • Is Argentina a safe country to travel to?
    Is Argentina a safe country to travel to?
    This is probably one of the safest countries in all of Latin America. Argentina is generally a safe country as a travel destination. Most of the crimes committed here are similar to the forms of petty theft, pickpocketing and even some bag snatching. Argentina is generally a safe place to make your travel plans. It is a safe and welcoming place for tourists from all over the world. Tourists usually don't have to worry about hardened criminals walking their streets. But tourists who are not careful may be targeted in restaurants or places that are well croweded. Some of the most crowded places may be the Buenos Aires bus station, the Retiro. So while it is a safe place, hold on to your pockets too.

  • Is it really bad to live in Argentina?
    Is it really bad to live in Argentina?
    It's not at all bad to live in Argentina. In spite of some annoying problems faced thoughout the land, there are lots of benefits in various ways for the people who live there. Their Beef, pasta, and Dulce de leche are known to be truly outstanding delicacies. Generally, people prepare their food delicously and with flavour. Their portions are not skimpy but rather large like the Americans and Germans. Of the many places to see there, the Iguazu Falls is just tremendous. It should be included among the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world of natural wonders. Why not? It's simply beautiful. The park is also quite well arranged and managed well. There are guides there, but because it is arranged so well, you can do well without a guide there. Overall, Argentina is a good place to live. There are some negatives, but the positives outweigh the negatives.