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It is the country of tango and one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in Southern America. Join us in this journey to a romantic land where you will get to experience all the magic of the Latino world.

Show us everything you know about Argentina by getting all the answers right. But be careful because these are tricky questions. See for yourself with these samples we have here: What is the approximate population of Argentina? What was the name of the football player who led Argentina to the World Cup in 1986?

What is the name of the capital of Argentina? What was the name of the islands over which Argentina fought a war with the UK in 1982? Vamos, Vamos Argentina!
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    What is the name of Argentina's southernmost mainland region?

 This expert quiz will really put your Argentine History knowledge to the test.

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    In what year did the Inca Empire start?

Argentina is highly populated with over 43 million people living in the country. Today, the country has a total GDP of $920.209 billion. The Spanish-speaking country ranks 8th when looking at top countries by land area. From...

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    What is the capital of Argentina?

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, Argentina is located mostly in the southern half of South America. It shares the bulk of the Southern Cone with Chile to the west and is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north....

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    What region of South America is Argentina located?

We Know Buenos Aires!  Do you?  See if you can score 100 points on our quiz.  All the answers can be found on our web site Argentina  After you complete the quiz - share your score...

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    Which month in Buenos Aires has an average temperature of 73 F. and 3.3" of rain?Catergory: Weather Forecast

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Argentina Questions & Answers

What things is Argentina famous for?
Argentina is famous for its rich culture in spite of its comparitively short history. Obviously the people of Argentina are quite esquisite and unique in their own way. This nation is known for the tango which many people have enjoyed. They have an e
What is the national language of Argentina?
The official language of Argentina is certainly Spanish, and Spanish is spoken throughout the nation. But the Spanish of Argentina is somewhat different from that of Spain and other Spanish nations. So people of other Spanish nations may be able to u
What food is famous in Argentina?
You can't hardly go anyplace in Argentina where you can't find great steak and wine. This nation is especially famous for their beef and great tasting wine. One of the most famous dishes for Argentina is the asado, which is an elaborately prepared me
What type of music do people listen to in Argentina?
  The people of Argentina enjoy a wide variety of traditional, classical and popular music. One of the most notable and unique cultural contributions is tango. This was originated in Buenos Aires and the surrounding regions during the end of th
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