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  • What is a java explain?
    What is a java explain?
    Java is actually a foundation for all kinds of networked applications, not only that this is the global standard for developing embedded and mobile applications, web application, online games, Web-based content, and organizational software. With over 9 million developers in all over the world, Java enables the users to efficiently as well as perfectly develop a new application, and also it helps to deploy and use the exciting applications and services. Just go through this Use Java in Web Technology

  • What is the difference between Bacteria and Virus?
    What is the difference between Bacteria and Virus?
    One important thing to note before diving into the differences between virus and bacteria is that the two have the capacity to cause serious infections. This must be understood because bacteria and virus infections are treated differently. Bacteria and virus can not be seen by human eyes unless with the aid of a powerful microscope. So let's move to their differences. Bacteria cells can live without human and they can also live in human but virus can only survive when they are inside a host. Another thing is that not all bacteria are harmful, some are harmless, meaning they don't pose more danger to one's health. In fact we have some of them living in our body. But viruses are smaller than bacteria and they are deadly and they cause infections in a host by multiplying themselves. Also bacteria infections can be cured by antibiotics but viral infections can not be cured by antibiotics.

  • What are episomes? The viral genome might be either integrated or persist in the cell as episome.
    What are episomes? The viral genome might be either integrated or persist in the cell as episome.
    Replicating circular extrachomosomal elements

  • Why aren't viruses considered living things?
    Why aren't viruses considered living things?
    They have no charactristics of living thing except reproduction

  • What do ribosomes do?
    What do ribosomes do?
    Produce proteins

  • Which of the following virion structure is indicated by an arrow?
    Which of the following virion structure is indicated by an arrow?
    1. the tegument-a viral tegument or tegument, more commonly known as a viral matrix, is a cluster of proteins that lines the space between the envelope and nucleocapsid of all herpesviruses. the tegument generally contains proteins that aid in viral dna replication and evasion of the immune response, typically with inhibition of signalling in the immune system and activation of interferons. the tegument is usually released shortly after infection into the cytoplasm. these proteins are usually formed within the late phase of the viral infectious cycle, after viral genes have been replicated. much information regarding viral teguments has been gathered from studying herpes simplex virus.

  • Which of the following virus family contains a human cancer virus with an RNA genome?
    Which of the following virus family contains a human cancer virus with an RNA genome?
    1. flaviviridae-the flaviviridae are a family of viruses that are primarily spread through arthropod vectors (mainly ticks and mosquitoes). the family gets its name from yellow fever virus, a type virus of flaviviridae; flavus means yellow in latin. (yellow fever in turn was named because of its propensity to cause jaundice in victims.)flaviviridae have monopartite, linear, single-stranded rna genomes of positive polarity, 9.6- to 12.3-kilobase in length. the 5-termini of flaviviruses carry a methylated nucleotide cap, while other members of this family are uncapped and encode an internal ribosome entry site. virus particles are enveloped and spherical, about 40-60 nm in diameter.major diseases caused by the flaviviridae family include: dengue fever japanese encephalitis kyasanur forest disease murray valley encephalitis st. louis encephalitis tick-borne encephalitis west nile encephalitis yellow fever hepatitis c virus infection

  • Which of the following option does fit here? E6 proteins from human papillomaviruses induce cell transformation by __________.
    Which of the following option does fit here? E6 proteins from human papillomaviruses induce cell transformation by __________.
    1. targeting the p53 protein for proteasomal degradation-e6 protein: e6 is of particular interest because it appears to have multiple roles in the cell and to interact with many other proteins. its major role, however, is to mediate the degradation of p53, a major tumor suppressor protein, reducing the cells ability to respond to dna damagee7 protein: in most papillomavirus types, the primary function of the e7 protein is to inactivate members of the prb family of tumor suppressor proteins. together with e6, e7 serves to prevent cell death (apoptosis) and promote cell cycle progression, thus priming the cell for replication of the viral dna. e7 also participates in immortalization of infected cells by activating cellular telomerase. like e6, e7 is the subject of intense research interest and is believed to exert a wide variety of other effects on infected cells. as with e6, the ongoing expression of e7 is required for survival of cancer cell lines, such as hela, that are derived from hpv-induced tumors

  • What is cytoplasm?
    What is cytoplasm?
    Gelatin-like substance that holds all the organelles in place Where all the work and life processes take place

  • How does Retrovirus attach/fuse with cells?
    How does Retrovirus attach/fuse with cells?
    Envelope protein is cleaved by cellular proteases TM stands for Transmembrane Protein SV binds to CCr5 and CD4 Fusion peptide inserts into membrane

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