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Viruses are nasty things regardless of whether or not you’re talking about the kind that attacks your body or your computer. Everyone should have a little virus knowledge in both categories even if you've never actually had one yourself—you've certainly heard of a few. Take these educational quizzes and find out just how much you know.

When it comes to Trojan horses and other computer viruses how much do you really know? Could you spot one in time? Could you resolve the problem? Computer viruses can be just as lethal as viruses that attack the human body so we should all have some basic knowledge about the subject.

What about people viruses though? Can you name some heroes and victims of Smallpox? What do you know about Ebola, Chicken Pox, or Rubella? These quizzes have a little something for everybody so find out what you know today.
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Petunjuk     :   1). Isikan Nama-Nomor peserta pada kotak yang tersedia 2). Jumlah soal sebanyak 15 butir soal pilihan ganda 3). Untuk melihat soal berikutnya anda tekan tombol "berikutnya" 4)....

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    Oleh para ahli virus berada di perbatasan makhluk hidup dan benda mati. Kalau virus dianggap sebagai makhluk hidup, hal ini disebabkan virus :

Latihan menjawab soal-soal yang berkaitan erat dengan virus. Pilih jawaban yang paling tepat!

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    Saintis yang pertama kali melakukan penelitian tentang virus adalah.....

Ini adalah pendalaman materi mengenai virus.. segala yang telah dibaca akan dinilai sejauh manakah kemampuan kita dalam mendalami sebuah materi......Syarat lulus lebih besar dari 60%Nilai C

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    Virus berasal dari bahasa latin yaitu virion, yang artinya....

The virus is one of the organisms you’ll learn about under the scope of microbiology, but you’ll probably know already that these are a much different kettle of fish from bacteria, given that they’re harder to...

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    What is the outside, protein coat on a virus called?

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    You're looking at a sample from your patient under the microscope. Does your patient have a virus?

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Virus Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Airborne and Droplet Precautions?
Airborne and droplet precautions are two measures put in place to stop the spread of diseases. Airborne precautions are measures or practices used to curtail the spread of diseases that are transmitted through air. With these measures, the spread of
What is the difference between Worm and Virus?
Software is intentionally inserted into a system for causing harm, which is known as malicious software. Virus, worm, and trojan horse all fall under the same umbrella of malicious software. The main difference between virus, worm, and trojan horse c
What is the difference between Herpes and Canker Sores?
Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV), and it is marked by painful, watery blisters in the mucous membranes, skin, or on the genitals. The virus causing this infection is of two types i.e., herpes simples virus 1 and 2. HSV
What is the difference between Keygen and Virus?
Some may assume that a keygen and virus are two the same things but they are different from each other. When your computer has a virus, this will have the ability to wipe out all of the things that you have saved on your computer. Having a backup fil
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