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Quiz on prokaryotes.

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    Which of the following is the smallest virus?

This assessment will enable you to evaluate your knowledge of the differences and similarities that exist between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells

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    A biologist was observing cells with the use of a electron microscope.  The scientist noticed that the cells had ribosomes but did not have a mitochondria.  What type of cell was the scientist most likely observing?

11 questions about cell biology. mostly fill in blanks: on terms and vocabularymiddle school to high school level

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    Which of the following is FALSE about eukaryotes?

Test your knowledge on prokaryotic organisms!

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    Which of the following have peptidoglycan in their cell walls? Check all that apply.

Prokaryotic cells are unicellular organisms that lack a membrane-bound nucleus, mitochondria, or any other membrane-bound organelle. They are divided into two domains; Archaea and Bacteria. What do you know about this particular...

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    Which structure is found in all prokaryotic cells?

Prokaryote Questions & Answers

What is not true about eukaryotes?
Why? is it because the organelles within the cell do not contain the ribosomes. Ribosomes are located in the cytoplasm of the cell.
What is not true about prokaryotes?
1. The flagella is complex and consist of mutiple microtubules
What is not true about gram positive cell wall?
Comprised of a low percentage of peptidoglycans