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It could be the missing key. The link we need to cure diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s, and regenerate organs. What is it? Here are some hints: You cannot see it without a microscope. We carry it in our body. It is the focus of hot political talk. Got a clue? It is the stem cell.
A stem cell is a cell that has yet to differentiate itself into a specific type of cell, such as a brain cell or skin cell. They can be harvested from the body, in places such as bone marrow and they exist in the umbilical cords of newborns. How can medical science use these cells to cure some of the most debilitating and deadly diseases of our time? What does the future hold for stem cell research? Why is this research so controversial? Use your differentiated brain cells to answer such questions and more with these questions on the stem cell.

Take this short quiz, pick only one answer for each question, then see how you did! Three correct answers = You really paid attention in class! Two correct answers = Nice job! One correct answer = Still pretty good! No correct...

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  • Sample Question
    Why do we study stem cells?

This quiz will test your knowledge on Stem Cells: What you know about them and what you know about their research.

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    True or False: Does Stem Cell Research lead to abortion?

This quiz tests your knowledge of the content for our first week of Biology!

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    How many sets of chromosomes does a zygote have?

After doing a little research, you should be able to answer these questions about stem cells with no problems.  If you have trouble, please go back to the webquest resources and gather some more information. 

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    Stem Cells are distinguished by two important characteristics.  The first is the ability to become very specific cell types, such as blood cells or heart cells.  What is the second characteristic?

A revision quiz to accompany the videos and text. Each question may have multiple correct answers.

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following tissues cannot be formed from embryonic stem cells?

Stem Cell Questions & Answers

What is a disadvantage of deriving embryonic stem cell from the embryo?
Some argue that the potential benefits from medical research using embryonic stem cells are outweighed by the possible life that could come from the embryo. It is important to note that embryonic stem cells are usually discarded unless they are used
What are Stem Cells?
Awful wording for this question. You cannot get a stem cell to go from a blood cell and turn it from that into a neuron. Please reword's very misleading.
How many known stem cells types are there?
3There are three known types of stem cells: Embryonic Stem Cells, Adult Stem Cells, and Umbilical cord Stem Cells.
Why do we study stem cells?
Because studying stem cells teaches us about early reproduction, genetics, and disease.