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There are a lot of people who have gotten interested in anything that is related to Biology because they want to study about life in general. This is exactly what the study of Bio can offer. It will make sure that it will show details about the characteristics, the way of life, and even the behaviors of the different organisms that are available. There are some species that only came to existence recently and it is because of how two organisms have mated with each other.

There are also some details on how different animals and other living organisms interact with each other. There are some details about biology that may be hard to understand in the beginning but the more that you know about it, the more that you will get to understand how some things have taken place. You can learn more about Biology when you check the various quizzes that are available online.

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    Which of the following is a health benefit associated with increasing the amount of soybeans in the human diet?

What career do you want to pursue? What do you want to achieve in life? The study of biology as a unit aids career development and advancement and also gives us information that applies to daily activities we undertake....

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    A mature ovary, specialized as a vessel that houses and protects seeds, is a:

Plants are a very important part of human survival on earth and if they didn’t exist it is unsure whether man would. Plants are responsible for the oxygen we breathe and a healthy lifestyle. Take this fourth quiz from...

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    The part of a plant that is the stalk-like support for a leaf is the:


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     There are a number of differences between fission of a bacterium and human cell division. Which of the following is not one of them?

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Bio Questions & Answers

What is a scion?
A part of a plant that is grafted to root stock of a closely related plant
Why do cells divide?
Growth Injury Repair Cell Replacement Asexual Reproduction
What do genetically modified plants do to benefit the environment?
Take up heavy metal concentration from soil and water