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Breathe in, breath can do this! Whether you're an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) or a school teacher, or a construction worker, you know all about how to breathe, right? Well now is the time to prove that it's not all just hot air coming out of your mouth. Answer questions about the lungs, hemoglobin, nose and mouth!

What's asthma? Can you explain it? Well then why not answer questions about it? Anaphylactic shock? Please...that's easy stuff! You "nose" these answers, of course you do! Put pedal to the medal and prove it! Don't strain yourself or rush through the answers...take it at a nice steady pace and you won't end up out of breath or gasping for air!

This is a quiz on Respiratory Material in the Complex Family Nursing Course at Ivy Tech.�

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    A child experiencing an acute asthma attack presents to the emergency department.  Which of the following medications should a nurse prepare to administer to the childe as an intervention for an acute asthma attack?

The following questions you are going to encounter are about the Care of Clients with Respiratory disorders. This will test your nursing skills in handling and dealing with patients with respiratory disorders.Ready yourself for a...

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    A 40-year old male returned ti his room an hour ago following bronchoscopy. He is requesting for a glass of water. The nurse must first:

This quiz will test your knowledge of respiratory assessment.

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    A nurse is assessing a client whi is experiencing shortness of breath. The client exhibits nasal flaring, use of accesory muscles, a respiratory rate of 36 breaths per minute, and an oxygen saturation of 89% on 2 Liters of oxygen via nasal cannula. After listening to the client's breath sounds, which of these interventions is appropriate based on the assessment data?

Dr. Speck's questions to help us prepare for the final

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      Bronchoconstriction during an asthmatic attack reflects:

Read each question carefully and consider all possible answer. Then select the most appropriate and best answer.

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    The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the cells is called

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Respiratory Questions & Answers

What should the nurse plan to do if the chest drainage system is accidentally disconnected? A nurse is caring for a client with a chest tube.
1. place the end of the chest tube in a container of sterile saline.-rationale: if a chest drainage system is disconnected, the nurse may place the end of the chest tube in a container of sterile saline or water to prevent air from entering the chest
What is the purpose of defibrillation?
Defibrillation is a method used when a person undergoing a cardiac arrest experiences Ventricular Fibrillation. It involves giving a minor electric shock to the patient by placing two pads, one above the right nipple and the other below the heart on
What is the rationale for these interventions? A client in acute respiratory distress is brought to the emergency department. After endotracheal (ET) intubation and initiation of mechanical...
1. they help prevent cardiac arrhythmias.-rationale: et suctioning removes oxygen, lowering the partial pressure of arterial oxygen; this, in turn, may induce a cardiac arrhythmia. hyperventilating and hyperoxygenating the client before and during (o