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    A 34 year-old man and his 30 year-old wife went on a camping trip in the Colorado Mountains in September.  They cooked over campfires and drank water from cold streams. The following week they noted diarrhea 2-3 times a day. The stools were nonbloody and floated on toilet water showing a greasy film.  The diarrhea tended to occur after eating meals that included milk or ice cream.  They lost about 20 pounds while the diarrhea lasted for 3 weeks until they sought treatment.  What caused the illness?

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    Fungi exist mainly as single cells

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    The cell wall of fungi contain(s) 

Spelling counts!

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Sarcodina is a superclass of the phylum Protozoa, members of which are known as Sarcodine. These have streaming cytoplasm and use pseudopodia in locomotion and feeding. What else do you know about them? Let’s take a...

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