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  • A 34 year-old man and his 30 year-old wife went on a camping trip in the Colorado Mountains in September.  They cooked over campfires and drank water from cold streams. The following week they noted diarrhea 2-3 times a day. The stools were nonbloody and floated on toilet water showing a greasy film.  The diarrhea tended to occur after eating meals that included milk or ice cream.  They lost about 20 pounds while the diarrhea lasted for 3 weeks until they sought treatment.  What caused the illness?

  • A 30-year-old man with AIDS swam in a farmer’s pond near a pasture for cows. A week later he complained of watery diarrhea several times a day and, despite eating food normally, lost 6 pounds within a week’s time. Which image corresponds to the most likely stool microbe in this case?  

  • Carl presents with watery diarrhea for 10 days after traveling to Mexico.  He is subsequently diagnosed with the following organism: On examination of Carl, one would expect to find:

  • Fungi exist mainly as single cells

  • Fungi digest insoluble organic matter by secreting exoenzymes, then absorbing the solubilized nutrients

  • The most important ecological role of fungi is _______________

  • The cell wall of fungi contain(s) 
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  • Fungal infections are known as
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  • Sterols are present in the cell membrane of fungi
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