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Did you try turning it off and on again? Ever hear that before? Usually when some electronic device of yours was acting up? If so, it probably came from someone in technical support - an umbrella term that refers to jobs helping people fix their computer, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices.
There are many options for someone in the technical support field and they may work with people online or in person. Are you in technical support? Do you want to be in technical support? Or maybe you’re just annoyed by the way technical support treats you? Regardless, now is the time to see how much you know about this varied career, and just what they do with all those electronic devices, with these quizzes. 
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Most businesses nowadays store their information on computers, and it is essential to ensure that the data is kept secure. As a technical support team member, it is crucial for you to be available to meet any needs of the staff...

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    An IP address is best defined as:

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    One of the customers has a disability that limits his working with both hands. You want to enable the accessibility feature on his Windows XP computer that will allow him to type using a virtual keyboard. What accessibility will you ask the user to enable?

Below is a computer help desk basic skills test trivia quiz. Computers are used in almost every field today, but this does not mean that everyone who uses a computer is all-knowing. There are certain issues one can’t fix on...

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    An IP address is best defined as...

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    What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

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    Which of the following is an example of a web browser?


Technical Support Questions & Answers

Is Python an Operating System(OS)?
Python is a software development language and not an operating system. • It is a high level and interpreted programming language. • Its language constructs an object-oriented approach, which helps programmers to write clear, logical code
Which one is not an output device?
The answer to this is D. A lot of people may automatically assume that the keyboard is an output device but you first have to know what the meaning of an output device is. This is a device that can provide the output that comes from the computer. An
How is an IP address best defined?
A unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.
What is malware and what does it do?
Malware is the shortcut for malicious software that may cause problems to people who will be affected by it. This software has been designed specifically in order to damage the computer. It can be in the form of another program that seems to be good
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