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There are some people who would like to work in the medical field. They know that their job, no matter what it is, will require them to be precise and accurate. If they would need to administer medications at a certain time, they have to make sure that they will be able to do it within the time frame. If not, it may cause some serious repercussions with the patients.

Even the administration of IV fluids is important. What if the IV fluid is dripping too fast when the patient is not dehydrated anymore? What if the IV is not inserted properly? These are things that should be checked by the person who is administering the medication. There are quizzes that will help you test your current knowledge about these things. It may help you become interested further.
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    You have been instructed to administer an oral medication (Ranitidine 150mg) to a patient. What is the minimum of times the nurse should check the medication label before administering this drug.

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    All of the following are required sources to confirm the patient's identity before administering medication EXCEPT:

There are different medicines in existence and each of them has a specific need it meets. This therefore puts emphasis on knowing just the right dose that one needs. Below is a Nur 101 medication administration test designed to...

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    A 5 month old is to be immunized for DTP. What type of injection will be given and which site? 

When it comes to medication administration there are some rights that a patient has in this regard. Some rights can be misunderstood and this is why I have prepared the test below. It is designed to help you refresh your memory...

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Staff will be able to identify the 6 Rights of Medication administration. Staff will demonstrate knowledge in medication administration by passing this quiz with 80% or better. Staff will demonstrate med administration to the...

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    As a none licensed person, I can take orders over the phone?


Medication Administration Questions & Answers

Which of the following is true regarding the medication routes? The route describes how the medication is actually given to or taken by the patient.
Drugs administered through sublingual are faster than regular oral administration because there are so many blood vessels under the tongue.
What are the six rights for medication administration?
Your answer is incorrect.Your answer doesn't include checking to see if you have the right patient. Remember the phrase "I must do this right" I = Right patient Must = Right medication Do = Right dose This = Right Time Right = Right R
What does PRN stand for?
PRN is a medical term pertaining to medication. PRN stands for prescribed as needed and refers to medicines that a patient takes only when they need it versus medicines that would be taken on a schedule at a certain time and a certain number of times
What nursing actions may prevent medication errors?
Checking with the provider when a single dose requires administration of multiple tablets.
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