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Welcome to another test quiz in health and medical science. This test is based on chapter IV of book Foundations of Nursing by authors Barbara Lauritsen Christensen, and Elaine Oden Kockrow. The topic is Vital Signs of the human...

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    The most appropriate definition of Vital Signs:

Please place your FD or EMS Agency Name and your complete name in the name box.

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    Which of the below are examples of vital signs?

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    Restlessness and dusky or cyanotic skin that is cool to the touch, dizziness, mental confusion, and mottled extremities are all signs and symptoms of hypertension

Vital signs refer to the measurement of critical body functions, which includes the heartbeat, temperature, breathing rate, and blood pressure. Vital signs can be monitor and measured in health care, home, or in a medical...

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    _____ is reflected in the vital signs by indicating the status of the body's function, which is regulated through homeostatis mechanisms and falling within certain normal ranges.

This quiz is the basic vital signs, such as temperture, pulse, respiration. Blood pressure is also included. Test the simple knowledge of vitals.

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    What instruments are used to measure temperature?

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Vital Signs Questions & Answers

What is a blood pressure that rises 25mm Hg in systolic and 10mm Hg in diastolic when a patient goes from sitting to standing or lying to sitting called?
"Orthostatic hypotensionis a physical findingdefinedby the American Autonomic Society and the American Academy of Neurology as a systolic blood pressure decrease of at least 20 mm Hg or a diastolic blood pressure decrease of at least 10 mm Hg wi
What does a proper assessment of vital signs allow a nurse to do?
A proper assessment of the vital signs by the nurse will allow them to do three things: evaluate improvement of the patient’s condition, implement planned interventions, and identify a nursing diagnosis. For example, if the vital signs are show
What is the most appropriate definition of Vital Signs?
An indication of basic body functioningPage 56