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What is the effective time needed for effective handwashing?
I've read minimum 15 seconds or 20 seconds. Therefore, 10 seconds would be too short and would lean towards 20 seconds at the other option for safety. Any discussion on this? Or does exam want 10 seconds for an answer?
What can I include in a homeless hygiene kit?
One of the best endowments you can provide for somebody who is destitute is close to home cleanliness things and food and water to fuel their bodies. Start by getting things that will fulfill this area in their life first. Simple stuff like cleanser,
What is the correct procedure for removing soiled gloves?
1. pinch glove from the wrist area and turn down towards the palm and pull off slowly.-1. once you have finished removed all contaminated materials and cleaned the area remove the gloves.2. start by pinching the left hand glove at the wrist. turn