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Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases to be found nowadays and the mammography is one of the best means by which serious affections such as this one can be detected early and even prevented. Do you know how a mammography is performed? Or maybe you know something about the procedure? If you wish to test your knowledge on this topic then our quizzes is the perfect occasion.

Check out some samples first: What is the typical voltage of the x-rays used to examine the human breast? Like all X-rays, mammograms use doses of ionizing radiation to do what? For the average woman, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended (2009) mammography be conducted how often? Answer all of the questions and show the world how much you know.

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    The ACS does not recommend routine mammograms for women below the age of:

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    Breast cancer accounts for ____% of malignancies in men.

Below is Mammography's toughest trivia quiz: can you pass this test? Mammography is taken by mot male and female patients who think that they may have breast cancer or are trying to eliminate chances of having it by going to...

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    The biggest risk factor for breast disease is

This test is for members of the National Association of Mammographers only. Credit will not be given to non members.

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      In 1913 what surgeon reported his investigation in which he had used radiography of mastectomy specimens to demonstrate spread of tumor?  

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    A vacuum assisted needle biopsy is performed for calcifications. Follow-up excisional biopsy is recommended for which ONE of the following results? 

Mammography Questions & Answers

Why is good breast compression important?
Question is confusing and doesn't make sense could you please look into it.
Should BSE be done in a random pattern using the fingertips?
Women should check their breast with approximately three finger after they menstrual cycle.
What is the base of the breast considered to?
Area closest to the chest wall is correct but what is IMP?