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Xray Questions & Answers

How many phalanges are in each foot?
Why 17?Distal phalanx = 5 Middle phalanx= 4 Proximal phalanx=5 Total 14 phalanges.
When taking an AP Cervical Open Mouth X Ray Image, what is the Tube Tilt and Distance?
1. 15 degree Tube Tilt towards the head at a Distance of 40 Inches
Which system is the most versatile for either large or small animal use?
A is the answer to this question. For those who are not familiar with this, Computed Radiography is the type of machine that uses digital xray sensors. This is different from the traditional machine that still makes use of the common sensors. The di
For the following bones, which one doesnt have a synonym?
This answer is wrong, the pisiform is the only one with out a synonym. The triquetrum synonyms are triquetrial, cuniform, or triangular.