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Beep, beep, beep...beeeeeeeeeeeeee~ You sit up and turn off the TV show. House is your favorite doctor, but how could he have gotten that diagnosis so wrong? Think you can do better than the docs from Scrubs or even your resident GP down the road?

Then our prognosis is that you take these quizzes on all things medical! For boredom, I recommend you try answering these questions about your heart, lungs and liver. For listlessness, I would suggest that you have a look at the section that deals with the various bodily systems, you know, cardiovascular, lymphatic and circulatory.

For an over-inflated knowledge, I would recommend the harder questions regarding the cures for cancerous tissues, fire burns and animal bites. At least you'll know one's never lupus!

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field? Then you've landed on the perfect quiz to aid you in finding the ideal stream to head towards in the vast world of medicine. There is an array of sub-genres...

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    What part of the body do you admire? (Medical/health point of view)

People take medical insurance for different reasons and this is mainly to offset the bills they get charged with for some procedures that they cannot afford to pay on demand. When a patients’ bill is to be prepared to be...

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    How many digits are there in a basic CPT code?

This is a test to make sure that employees fully understand our company policies.

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    What kind of staffing does Medical Temporaries, Inc. provide? (Select all that apply)

This quiz contains general knowledge and advancement related questions from the HM Manual, Chapter 4, Medical Records. Only a random 25 of the questions show up each time you load the quiz, so be sure to hit refresh to get the...

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    Using the links we have to to the right of this quiz is an excellent idea when purchasing your music for the following three reasons: 1 - It's cheaper than iTunes and the songs you purchase will always be DRM-Free (You can play them on any computer, any mp3 player, etc.) 2 - It's very simple to use and all the songs you purchase get automatically added to your iTunes or Windows Media Player file. 3 - You help support the site.  Every song you purchase contributes 10 cents towards the monthly operating cost of

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    You do not have to time stamp all entries.

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Medical Questions & Answers

What is a recommended filler metal for the following weld?The following information applies for Questions #21 through #26 A welder is being qualified on a groove weld in the horizontal position...
In joints involving base metals of different groups, either of the following filler metals may be used: (1) that which matches the higher strength base metal, or (2) that which matches the lower strength base metal and produces a low-hydrogen deposit
What is the difference between pneumonia and lung abscess?
Pneumonia and the lung abscess are a bad infection that affects the lung tissue, and they need serious medical attention. The Lung abscess occurs, together with pus, when the tissues of the lung are affected badly by bacterial infection leading to th
How many weeks employees are allowed to bond with their newborn child under the FMLA?
1. 6 weeksEmployees are allowed 12 weeks for each 12-month period to bond with a newborn or with a child placed with an employee for adoption or foster care.