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Are you interested in making a career in medicine or just enhance your knowledge? Try our online medical quizzes having questions about your heart, lungs, liver and various bodily systems, like cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory.
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Are you thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field? Then you've landed on the perfect quiz to aid you in finding the ideal stream to head towards in the vast world of medicine. There is an array of sub-genres...

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    What part of the body do you admire? (Medical/health point of view)


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    The theory that combines strengths of both of the other theories is:

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    Glomerulonephritis is a renal disease characterized by:

Medical law and ethics final exam

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    Writen codes of ethics for health care practicioners was primarily evolved to serve as moral guidelines for those who provide care to the sick?

Write your contact information below very clearly as this helps us to properly register your credits to your board and communicate with you.   Read the questions carefully and answer them True or False. This test is...

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    Medical errors are mistakes or failure of a planned action in health care delivery that could have been avoided.

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Medical Questions & Answers

What is the difference between pneumonia and lung abscess?
Pneumonia and the lung abscess are a bad infection that affects the lung tissue, and they need serious medical attention. The Lung abscess occurs, together with pus, when the tissues of the lung are affected badly by bacterial infection leading to th
What is a recommended filler metal for the following weld?The following information applies for Questions #21 through #26 A welder is being qualified on a groove weld in the horizontal position...
In joints involving base metals of different groups, either of the following filler metals may be used: (1) that which matches the higher strength base metal, or (2) that which matches the lower strength base metal and produces a low-hydrogen deposit
How many weeks employees are allowed to bond with their newborn child under the FMLA?
1. 6 weeksEmployees are allowed 12 weeks for each 12-month period to bond with a newborn or with a child placed with an employee for adoption or foster care.