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Play our online medical quizzes and learn interesting trivia about your heart, lungs, liver, and various bodily systems, like cardiovascular, lymphatic, circulatory, and more.
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    Medical errors are mistakes or failure of a planned action in health care delivery that could have been avoided.


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    The theory that combines strengths of both of the other theories is:

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    What part of the body do you admire? (Medical/health point of view)

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    Using cardiovascular medical guidance, for each driver, is the driver medically qualified or medically disqualified?Driver with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) nine months ago; he or she has not followed up with cardiologist and has not had exercise tolerance test (ETT) since procedure. 


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    Another name for the ankle bone is the:

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What are the symptoms and causes of eisenmengers syndrome?
The Eisenmenger syndrome is caused as a result of the hole in between the chambers of the human heart. In order to get to the root of how the syndrome adversely affects the human heart and lungs, it is necessary to understand how the heart actually f
What is the difference between an Aesthetician and an Esthetician?
The terms Ms and Mrs. are two different titles that are majorly used for women. However, they have different means or ways by which they can be used. While one is widely used for females, so far, you are a woman; the other is used for a particular se
What is the difference between Acute and Chronic?
Acute and chronic when used to describe disease is that acute means brief, dangerous, and an extremely severe pain disease while chronic refers to a medical condition that lasts over a long period. Chronic can be defined as something that recurs, ha
What is the difference between Medical Assistant and CNA?
A medical assistant is someone qualified to help the doctor with any clerical and administrative duties. They utilize and maintain medical instruments; they collect the samples of blood and urine for laboratory analysis. They also prep the patients b
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