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Pathology Questions & Answers

What is the type of arrythmia displayed in the strip below?
Unfortunately, there is no strip displayed above in this question. :(
What is a common complication of his condition? A blood test is performed on a patient with chronic renal failure and it seem that the levels of phosphate and calcium are lowered. There also...
Vitamin D is involved with raising serum calcium and phosphate levels. If there is a deficiency in vitamin D, then serum levels of calcium and phosphate should decrease- which is seen in this patient. Therefore, I believe the correct answer is 4. Ost
What is the heart rate variable depending on in sinus arrhythmia?
My text book states that in sinus arrhythmias, the rate increases during inspiration and decreases during expiration... so wouldn't the heart rate be variable depending on inspiration or expiration?
What is a key morphological feature of the patient's disease? A 7-year-old child presents with hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia, and proteinuria. The edema is in the periorbital region...
Hypoalbuminemia is a disorder that regards the level of albumin. The blood contains albumin which is protein. There is a certain amount of protein that should always be in the bloodstream. If not, then the patient may be having issues. If there is f