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Pathophysiology is defined as a convergence of pathology with physiology. It can also mean the functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury. Understanding diseases is good for our society and helps as to push them away. If your brain can spread knowledge like a virus then this online quiz will be attractive to you.

Strengthen your immune system by dealing with questions like: “What are blood disorders?”, “What is renal disease?”, “Why is the Berlin Institute for Infectious Diseases important to the history of pathophysiology?”, “What is germ theory?”, and “What are the causes of thyroid disease?”. You do not have to feel down and sick anymore about this subject. With our online quiz you can break past your sickness and become a king of immunity.
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Pathophysiology makes it easy for nurses to walk their patients through the process of testing, diagnosing, and treating their diseases.   This practice test is based on the lecture outline for Introduction to...

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  • Sample Question
    What is the name for the study of disease involving the functional or physiological changes in the body that result from disease processes?

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    Blood pressure that is sustained systolic greater that 140mmHg and diastolic that is below 90 is associated with CV and cerebrovascular events, and is referred to as which of the following terms?

 a quiz of 20 to 25 questions multiple choice on pathophysiology.

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    Which is NOT a hereditaty disease. 

Asthma is a respiratory condition whereby someone becomes short of breath and it becomes difficult to breath. There seems to be some sort of blockage in the respiratory path. The pathophysiology: asthma quiz below will...

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    Which of the following are risk factors for the development of asthma?

Hematology, special senses, introduction

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    Which layer of the eyeball is inflamed in uveitis?

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