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  • What is the priority nursing diagnosis for a patient experiencing a migraine headache? 

  • You are creating a teaching plan for a patient with newly diagnosed migraine headaches. Which key items should be included in the teaching plan? (Choose all that apply).   

  • The patient with migraine headaches has a seizure. After the seizure, which action can you delegate to the nursing assistant?   

  • Which of the following are clinical signs of an upper motor neurone problem?

  • A 27 year old woman presents to her GP with a history of severe headache. She reports that these headaches have occurred 4 times in the last 3 months and have been predominantly left -sided and associated with visual disturbance and vomiting. They last several hours at a time and are so severe she has been unable to go to work. She reports that she is able to predict when she will get one of these headaches as the day before she is off her food, nauseated and the visual disturbances, which are flashing lights across her field of vision, begin. What is the likely diagnosis?

  • A 68 year old woman presents with double vision. On examination she has a ptosis of her left eye and when her eyelid is raised the eye is pointing inferiorly and laterally. On assessing her eye movements, these were normal in the right eye, but her left eye was unable to look right or upwards. Her left pupil was dilated.   What is the likely diagnosis?

  • Which of the following is not associated with Wilsons disease? 

  • Which of the following is not associated with Reyes syndrome? 

  • Emphysema is not linked to which of the following terms? 

  • A 34-year woman suffers from narcolepsy. She complains of excessive sleepiness and sleep attacks. She falls asleep during work and earlier this week she barely avoided a traffic accident.  From your neuroscientific studies you know that this sleeping disorder is characterized by intrusions of a certain type of sleep during wakefulness. Name (i) the type of sleep (ii) the brain waves associated with it.
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  • A 45-year old man complains of daytime fatigue and restless sleep. His wife persuaded him to go to the doctor because she’s unable to sleep with his loud snoring. On examination you note his BMI is >30 and his tonsils appear enlarged. Which sleeping disorder is this patient most likely suffering from?  
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  • A 65-year old woman presents with a loss of pain and temperature sensation along her back and arms. An MRI reveals a cyst around the central canal. Name (i) the disorder and (ii) the tract that is affected.
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