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Being in year 12 there is much you have covered that you did not know in your previous years. Are you ready for the upcoming exam that will help you move to the next class? Need some help revising for your biology exam? Take up...

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    1.                  Which of the following is NOT an example of asexual reproduction?

Try the multiple choice questions below to test your knowledge ready for the exam.  Good luck and keep revising.

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    What does GPS stand for?

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    Which among the following is the capital of Rajasthan?

Marketing chapter two concepts, multiple-choice

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    Which of the following is one of the three basic marketing management jobs?

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    When was Jharkhand formed?

Multiple Choice Questions Questions & Answers

Which of the following statements about customer equity is false?
If the parts of a firm s marketing program work well together, it should increase the firm s customer equity.
What type of example a thumbs up is?
Emblems- movements that have meaning and understood by others. For example: thums up, stop gesture, ok
What are the two interrelated parts of marketing strategy?
The answer to this is B. There are always certain things that will work well together. For example, the company should know who its target market is so that it can develop and package the product in such a way that it will be appealing to the target
Is it true that a market consists of a group of potential customers with similar needs?
Correct answer is option B – false A market consists of a group of potential customers and sellers who are willing to exchange values for several goods or services. A market is a system where forces of demands and supply operate, where buyers