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Multiple Choice Questions about law school contracts course.

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    Integrated Circuit Technology, Inc. ('ICT') was having difficulty finding qualified engineers to work in its expanding production facilities because the hardware needed to train top-flight engineering students was so expensive that most colleges could not afford to purchase more than a minimal amount of such equipment, which limited program sizes and held down the number of applicable engineering degree candidates. ICT's chief executive officer, Cruz, wrote the following letter to the heads of several universities:  If you will commit your institution to accepting in your engineering degree program every junior-year undergraduate who wishes to pursue that major, ICT will provide your institution with all the necessary electronic hardware to instruct such students. Our engineers have informed me that one set of equipment (i.e., one each of every machine used by ICT in its production process) is sufficient for use by five students; therefore, for every five engineering degree majors you accept in excess of your current engineering degree population, ICT will provide one such set of equipment. Jackson, chancellor of Seaport College of Engineering ('SCE'), also received a letter from Cruz. The ICT letter arrived during SCE's annual budget review process, and Jackson was called upon to decide how much of the college's limited funds to apply to engineering equipment purchases. The day that she received Cruz's letter, Jackson informed the budget committee that no funds would be needed from that year's budget for engineering equipment purchases. A few days later, as Jackson was dictating the acceptance letter to ICT, she received a second letter from Cruz indicating that the ICT equipment program was being canceled due to an influx of qualified foreign engineers to the United States. Because the budget had been approved and all available funds had been committed to nonengineering equipment purchases, Jackson mailed the acceptance letter anyway and it was delivered to Cruz at ICT. If SCE brings a breach of contract action against ICT, what result?

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    What does GPS stand for?

Marketing chapter two concepts, multiple-choice

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    Which of the following is one of the three basic marketing management jobs?

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    This city is known as the ‘Manchester’ of Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as the Leather City as it contains one of the largest and finest tanneries in India and in South Asia. Identify it.

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    Which among the following is the capital of Rajasthan?


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What are the two interrelated parts of marketing strategy?
The answer to this is B. There are always certain things that will work well together. For example, the company should know who its target market is so that it can develop and package the product in such a way that it will be appealing to the target
Is it true that a market consists of a group of potential customers with similar needs?
Correct answer is option B – false A market consists of a group of potential customers and sellers who are willing to exchange values for several goods or services. A market is a system where forces of demands and supply operate, where buyers
Which of the following statements about marketing mix variables is false?
Which one would you choose from the list below as the most secure? You are opening a social networking account. You need a secure password.
B is the answer to this question. You want to make your social media account as secure as possible because if you do not do this, then people may easily access your account. They may get personal information from you and so much more. You need to mak
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