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It is often said that we are becoming a networked society; but do you know how computer networks actually work? Do you have ambitions to get involved in one of the world’s most rapidly growing industries?

Cisco is one of the real giants of the networking sector, and becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate is a fast track into interesting and highly paid jobs. The CCNA certification proves that you have the knowledge and the training to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot networked systems. Our quiz on CCNA tests your knowledge on such issues as routing and switching, implementing remote site connections, and managing the all-important subject of security. By taking our quiz you’ll learn a lot about this vital area of technology, and how to go about qualifying to receive the certification.
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CCNA is the hardest exam related to the Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching certification. This exam tests a student's knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot an...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 9469   |  Last updated: May 27, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Subnet the IP Address /24 into 30 Subnets. Is a valid Host ID after subnetting?

In the study of networking, a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a term given to a group of devices connected to one or more local area networks which are configured to communicate as if attached to the same wire, when in...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1861   |  Last updated: Jan 4, 2019
  • Sample Question
    What are three benefits of implementing VLANs? (Choose three)

.In the world of networking, the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol for IP networks uses a link state routing algorithm and is classed as an interior gateway protocol. Further your knowledge of the OSPF for your...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 2399   |  Last updated: Jan 4, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three)

In today’s quiz within the overarching curriculum of the Cisco Certified Network Associate, we’ll be taking a look at a very important topic you’ll need to know about if you want to make it in the networking...

Questions: 21  |  Attempts: 2707   |  Last updated: Jan 4, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Telnet, FTP, and SMTP reside on what layer of the OSI model?

In the following CCNA exam, we’ll be testing your knowledge of Internet Protocol version 6, the most recent version of the communications protocol which routes traffic across the internet and provides an identification and...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1762   |  Last updated: Jan 4, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Which IPv6 address is valid?

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CCNA Questions & Answers

What are the two functions of a router?
A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. The two main functions of a router are it connects multiple IP networks and determines the best path to send packets. A router accepts a package. When data comes i
Is the following true or false? Subnet the IP Address /24 into 30 Subnets. a valid Host ID after subnetting.
We can't subnet a network in 30, however it's possible to subnet it in 32. In this case, considering it is an IP Address class C (/24), we have to borrow 5 bitsin the 4th octet, that is, the IP Address203.10.93.0 /24 will turninto203.10.93.0 /29 and
What is the new Subnet Mask and what is the Increment? Subnet the Class B IP Address into 500 Subnets. 
1. Subnet Mask with an Increment of 128130.13.0.0 Need 500 Networks 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 . 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 . 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 = 500 in binary Need to borrow 9 bits for of Networks New Subnet Mask = 255.
How many Networks will be created after you subnet?
1. 8 Networks, First usable from second Network range = Need 30 Hosts per Network 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 = 30 in binary Need to save 5 bits for of Hosts New Subnet Mask = (224) or
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