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It is often said that we are becoming a networked society; but do you know how computer networks actually work? Do you have ambitions to get involved in one of the world’s most rapidly growing industries?

Cisco is one of the real giants of the networking sector, and becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate is a fast track into interesting and highly paid jobs. The CCNA certification proves that you have the knowledge and the training to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot networked systems. Our quiz on CCNA tests your knowledge on such issues as routing and switching, implementing remote site connections, and managing the all-important subject of security. By taking our quiz you’ll learn a lot about this vital area of technology, and how to go about qualifying to receive the certification.

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  • Subnet the IP Address /24 into 30 Subnets.  Is a valid Host ID after subnetting.
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  • You are given the IP Address of /24 and need 50 Subnets.  How many hosts per network, and total networks do you get once subnetted.
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  • Your company has been given the IP Address of /24 to subnet.  You plan to put each of the 5 floors in your building on its own subnet.  What is the IP range of the LAST available network once you subnet.
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  • MAC and IP are address types at different OSI layers. What does MAC stand for?

  • The IP address has ______ bits and the MAC address has ____ bits.

  • What calss is the address

  • When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers of the OSI model, what is usually used to acknowledge that the data was received and to request the retransmission of missing data?

  • Refer to the exhibit. Each media link is labeled. What type of cable should be used to connect the different devices?

  • Which OSI layer does IP rely on to determine whether packets have been lost and to request retransmission?

  • Which of the following is apacket switched WAN technology?

  • What do HDLC, PPP, Frame Relay and ISDN have in common?

  • What is the process of allocating bandwidth to different sources on the same media?