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There are multiple forms of the CompTIA exam that people can take for different skill levels and areas of expertise in the information technology study path. CompTIA helps you get IT certified by providing you information for training centers, providing study tips and materials, and career resources.

These educational quizzes are a great way to get associated with CompTIA and discover if it is the right resource and career path for you. Do you know how many skill level certifications CompTIA offers?

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  • Whic of the following are scsi types that allow for 16 devices, including the adapter, to be connected on a single shared cable?  (choose 2)
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  • You have an Apple Macintosh computer. Which permissions will be available to  you when an NTFS formatted external  hard drive is attached to your computer.
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  • What is the term used to refer to the concentric area on a disk that completes one circumference of the disk?
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  • This type of marketing activity examines what products or services are already available, what they cost, what features they include, and why consumers like them.
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  • What type of marketing methods when a business sells an individual or group the right to sell a product or service in a given area.
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  • The difference between the cost of an item and how much it is sold for.
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  • When describing a CPU, what does "45 nm" refer to?

  • What is the bus clock speed of PC8500 DDR2 SDRAM?

  • What type of cable, at a minimum, must be used for Gigabit ethernet?

  • What is a Peltier device?

  • How many bits does a PC/AT bus has?