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CompTIA has developed a revolutionary way for training future Information Technology workers. They offer certifications for both beginners and experienced professionals, including, Security+ Certification. With the rise in computer hacking issues and foreign infiltration, computer security is one of the fastest growing careers today.
The Security+ test is 75 multiple choice questions, and it is recommended that candidates have two years of security-related work experience. Do you think you’re ready to take our Security+ quizzes? Can you answer this: What is the most efficient for preventing hacking attempts on employee passwords? Our Security+ quizzes are the perfect way to help you study and freshen up on your computer security knowledge – take one now!
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This quiz has been made to see whether you are completely prepared for the real exam. This practice test will help you pass by familiarizing you with the material and the ensuring that you know the structure of the CompTIA...

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    You are the system administrator for your organization. You are responsible for access privilege for which of the following control systems?

Testing your knowledge.

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    By default, the 802.11 standard defines which of the following authentication models?

Are you looking for a quiz to help you in preparation for the CompTIA Security+ Certification? If so, the questionnaire below is precisely what you may need to refresh your understanding before the significant exam is upon us....

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    Which of the following access control models enables a person who creates or owns objects to define permissions to access those objects?

Security Plus

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    Programming errors that may result i system compromise, allowing someone to gain unauthorized privileges and the intruder can function as the administrator is called what?

This is Set 3 of 4 of practice questions for CompTIA Security+ exam. This set covers the exam objective Cryptography. You can take these Security+ sample questions for practice or take it as a topic wise practice exam. Read the...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is the latest version of SHA?


Security Plus Questions & Answers

How should a company test the integrity of its backup data?
Users should ensure that back up copies have the same content as the original data file. • Check the sum for both the original and backup copies and compare them. • If the sum shows a discrepancy, backup the file again. • MDS algori
Who is responsible for access control in the MAC model?
Mandatory Access Control System administrator is responsible for access control in the MAC model. The owner will be responsible for DAC. The RBAC is dependent on the role played by the user in the organization.
What are some of the strongest form of authentications?
Biometrics is the technical term for body estimations and figurings. It alludes to measurements identified with human qualities. Biometrics authentication is utilized as a part of computer science as a type of distinguishing proof and access control.
What is compulsory tasks to run on Web servers of your network?
Web servers. As the name implies, serve websites or web services. They commonly run apache, IIS, tomcat, or another popular brand of webserver application. Traditionally for small sites, you can use a single server. But in this day and age, the archi
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