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Do you know exactly what skills you’ll be learning if taking a CISCO course? Well if you know a lot more about computers than just going online, then by taking our quizzes you’re definitely on the way to doing well in your CISCO exams. The more idea you have about what that entails then the better the chance you have of getting a high score in our quizzes all about CISCO.

You could say you’re on the route to success if you can answer questions such as these: Can you tell us what CISCO stands for? What is CCNA? Where are the national headquarters of CISCO? In which year was CISCO Systems founded? What famous landmark is depicted in the CISCO logo? Well if you can get questions like those correct then you’re definitely programmed for success at the rest of our questions. So why not take our quizzes right this moment.
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    Melyik két tulajdonsága határozza meg az alaplapnak a lapkakészletét (chip set)? (Két jó válasz van.)


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    On what Cisco propriatary technology is MPLS based?

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    Which authentication technology uses a physical characteristic of the user in conjunction with a password?

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    Which are the three Cisco network architectures for the enterprise?

Chapter 1-3

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    What does ASA stand for?

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CISCO Questions & Answers

What are some of the characteristics of CSMA/CD?
It monitors the media for presence of a data signal.After detecting a collision, hosts can resume transmission after a random timer has expired.A jam signal is used to ensure that all hosts are aware that a collision has occurred.
What is the primary purpose of Layer 4 port assignment?
The primary purpose of layer 4 port assignment is to identify the processes or services that are communicating within the end devices. While the first 3 layers are physical, data link and network layers the 4th layer is a transport layer. The transpo
What is Virtual real mode?
Allows a real mode application to run within a protected mode operating system.
What are two functions of encapsulation?
Identifies pieces of data as part of the same communication Ensures that data pieces can be directed to the correct receiving end device
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