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For those who still aren't tired of school after seventeen years, there’s another option out there: a graduate degree! If you think you’d like to have people call you “doctor” by the time you’re done with your education (or better yet, “master”), you may be wondering what it would take to get into graduate school – and dreading one obstacle in particular, of the standardized testing variety: the GRE test.

Worried whether your reading, writing, and arithmetic skills are up to par even after those seventeen years at a desk? Wondering what the GRE will throw at you and whether you’re up to the task? If you want reassurance – or at least some food for thought on whether you can clear the GRE hurdle – take our GRE quizzes to see what you need to know about this examination.

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  • Who administered and owned GRE?

  • What year was the test established?

  • What is the cost of taking a GRE test?

  • What type of examination is the GRE examination?

  • Who is the administrator or developer of GRE?

  • What is the purpose of this examination?

  • Aimed at curbing British attempts to seize territory in Nepal, the Sugauli Treaty was a warning to _______ foreign powers.

  • Few other plants can grow beneath the canopy of the banyan tree, whose leaves and pods produce a natural herbicide that leaches into the surrounding soil, in Pokhara city, ___________ other plants that might compete for water and nutrients.

  • The reasoning in the editorial provided by Pulchowk student is so _________ that we cannot see how anyone can be deceived by it.

  • abstemious
    GRE question from

  • blithe
    GRE question from

  • crepuscular
    GRE question from