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It is one of the most difficult tests that can be taken in the US and its purpose is to point out the people with excellent skills within a field are capable of making a difference. And there is still yet a lot more to the Graduate Assessment Test that we have not yet mentioned. That is why we have these quizzes here.
Before we move on to it, here are some samples. The GAT test validity is for a period of approximately how many years? Candidates with a minimum of how many years of education are allowed to apply to the test? There are even more questions that will have to be answered but first see if you can deal with the samples.

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  • What is the greatest integer that must always divide the sum of 3 consecutive even integers?    

  • If n is the product of the integers from 1 to 8, inclusive, and if p, q, r, and s are positive integers such that  then p+q+r+s=

  • Pierre is driving 60 miles per hour for the first 40 miles of a 80-mile trip. What must be his average speed in the remaining 40 miles in order for his total average speed to be 70 miles per hour?

  • Even + Even = ?

  • Even + Odd = ?

  • Odd + Odd = ?

  • You are the CEO of your company,you hear that your top employee is joining another competing firm. Your first reactions will be: 

  • You are the manger and find out that your top resource is preparing for GMAT to get a MBA degree. You are disturbed because you think that this will impact his office work. Your first reaction to this news will be: 

  • This one is more tricky and personal!Its your Sons 6th birthday party,you have missed his college football match because of the work earlier this week.As soon as you are about to leave,your CEO asks you to stay late for the meeting of your lifetime. There is no option of rescheduling the meeting at least for next 6 months.You are supposed to present this critical project plan to your japanese counter part,if this meeting is successful it will mean a lot to you. What are you going to do now:

  • Which of the following is tested during the test?

  • Which of the following administers the test?

  • What is the full meaning of NTS?