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Are you the entrepreneurial type? Is business something you are passionate about? Are you planning to improve your skills by enrolling to a graduate management program? If you answered yes to these questions then for sure you've heard of GMAT.

Yes, it's Graduate Management Admission Test, the first step to business school. Guess what? We have the first step to the first step. That's a bit confusing, isn't it? Well, we have some questions that should get you a feel of what the GMAT is about.

Are you familiar with the format of the exam? Ready for some sample questions? Then what are you waiting for? Try out our quizzes on GMAT! This is one deal that's tough to resist. So if you mean business, then give our quizzes a go!

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  • Using the information from the passage, what task may be improved by applying principles of asset management?

  • According to the passage, how were the principles of asset management modified to predict future transportation needs?

  • According to the author, why is rural public transportation necessary?

  • According to the passage, what benefit will the quarantine provide?

  • Which states are included in the quarantine?

  • According to the USDA, why is the quarantine necessary?

  • In the first paragraph of the passage, the author makes an assumption about how the Fitzgerald sank. Identify the assumption on which the authors argument is based.

  • What is the significance of the "shoal waters" described in the first and fourth paragraphs?

  • The author adopts the position that the FITZGERALD damaged its hull in shallow water but the ship is stuck deep in the mud in more than 500 feet of extremely cold water. How could the authors hypothesis about hull damage have been tested?

  • According to the passage, why did Enron seek advice regarding its business transactions?

  • What was the ultimate goal of a structured transaction at Enron?

  • How did Enron use its tax department?