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  • What is the median weight of the 89 boxes on these shelves? Each of the 45 boxes on shelf J weighs less than each of the 44 boxes on shelf K.  (1)   The heaviest box on shelf J weighs 15...
    What is the median weight of the 89 boxes on these shelves? Each of the 45 boxes on shelf J weighs less than each of the 44 boxes on shelf K.  (1)   The heaviest box on shelf J weighs 15...
    It's asking for medina weight, not whether all the boxes on shelf J can be confirmed to weigh less than all the boxes on shelf K

  • What is the best online GMAT practice test?
    What is the best online GMAT practice test?
    The GMAT test stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test and it has several components to it including writing sections, reading questions and quantitative questions. When a student is wanting to get a master’s degree in business management, they will have to take this test first before being admitted to the school. The result of the test determines whether the student will be admitted to the school or not. The test may be retaken but there are limitations to it. There are ways to practice for this test. There are several sites online that have downloadable free practice tests for the GMAT. These include the Princeton Review and The best way to get the most accurate practice test is to contact the company that makes GMAT and ask if you can purchase a practice test or study guide. Most testing companies have them.

  • What is on the GMAT math section?
    What is on the GMAT math section?
    The GMAT math section is a special kind of test that is specifically designed to test your analytical as well as content knowledge of math as a whole. Subjects include arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry as well as algebra. Basically, the test is divided into two parts or sections. One part includes the Data Sufficiency type of questions while the other part consists of the problem solving kind of questions. They are all in the multiple choice format. The time allocated is usually seventy five minutes. In this time, you have to attempt 37 questions. In this section, both statements together ae sufficient but neither statement alone is sufficient.

  • Which of the following can be true if function f(x) satisfies f (1-x) = f (2+x) for all x?
    Which of the following can be true if function f(x) satisfies f (1-x) = f (2+x) for all x?
    The answer to this question is C. Only F(x) = 2 - x - x2 satisfies the function when f(1-x) = f (2+x) for all x. The easiest way to solve this equation and find the right answer is to begin substituting real numbers in place of x. Since f(1-x)= f (2+x) is true for all x, then it allows you to plug any number in for x and you will be able to find the correct answer. In order to use this technique, it is simplest to try to plug in smaller numbers first like 0 or 1. If you try to plug in larger numbers, you will still get the right answer, but likely will have to do more work than is necessary.

  • What is tan C?
    What is tan C?

  • What is sec C?
    What is sec C?

  • What is the sin A?
    What is the sin A?

  • What is csc40?
    What is csc40?

  • What is the length of BC?
    What is the length of BC?

  • What is the length of AB?
    What is the length of AB?

  • What is s?
    What is s?

  • What is cos50?
    What is cos50?

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