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SAT Reading Questions & Answers

What does monolithic mean?
1. MonolithicThe word single is what is important here - since Lenin believed in a single party to rule all, people thought that socialism was one unit, or monolithic.
What is a prevaricator?
1. Prevaricator ... deceptionsA prevaricator is one who lies, and a deception is a form of a lie.
Who invented calculus, Newton or Leibniz (and why)?
1. IndependentlyBecause Netwon and Leibniz were so far away, it is unlikely that they could have cooperated and thus discovered the calculus independently.
How does Darwin apparently regard Dr. Smith as?
Social Darwinism implies survival of the fittest, an application of Darwin’s natural selection law into society. Adam Smith's ideas influenced Darwin. Darwin places heavy reliance on Dr. Smith's observations. The link between Adam Smith's invi