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Mathematics is perhaps the most important academic skill that anyone can possess, after all we all need to be able to add up and keep control of our personal finances. To find out if children have developed the necessary skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the SAT math test was created. It's challenging, but not too challenging. That's exactly the same principle behind our SAT math quizzes, so let's see how many you can get right.

Here's a sample question: if an car travels at ten feet every second, how many feet will it have covered in one hour? Which fraction is bigger, a half or two fifths? Will you be able to figure it out and make all the right answers add up? It's time to find out.
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    If A $ B = A * B - ( A + B), what is 3 $ (2 $ 1)?

. SAT maths practice questions: geometry quiz. The SAT exams can be a little unnerving, especially when one has not had enough practise before tackling them. If you have been having a hard time when it comes to solving some...

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    Which of the following points is not at a distance of 1 unit from the origin?

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    If 9 > 4x + 1, which inequality represents the possible range of values of 12x + 3? 

This is a 23-question quiz that focuses strictly on algebra questions on the SAT Mathematics test. Specifically, this quiz tests your ability to solve simple linear and quadratic algebraic equations. Read the questions carefully...

Questions: 23  |  Attempts: 3313   |  Last updated: Feb 11, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Tom is four years older than Kate. In two years, Kate will be twice as old as Marianne, who is four. How old is Tom?

This is Section 2 of the SAT. You are allowed to use a calculator, but it is not required. Fill in the bubble for the best answer to each question.

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    Marigolds are to be planted inside a circular flower garden so that there are 4 marigolds per square foot. The circumference of the garden is 20 feet. If marigolds are available only in packs of 6, how many packs of 6 flowers are needed?


SAT Math Questions & Answers

What is 3 $ (2 $ 1) if A $ B = A * B - ( A + B)?
The correct answer to this question is A, -5. This answer is found by using the order of operations of math. The acronym PEMDAS is used to represent the order. P stands for parentheses, E for exponents, M for multiplication, D for division, A for add
How old is Tom if he is four years older than Kate and in two years, Kate will be twice as old as Marianne who is four?
Age of Tom(T)=4+kAge of Marianne(M)=4Given: In two years age of Kate will be Twice as old as Marianne.Twice the age of Mariannein two years=2+2(M) =2+2(4) Age of Kate =10Age of Tom=4+k
How many ways can Pete, Mary, Sue, and Joe stand in a line if Joe and Sue cannot stand next to each other?
Incorrect John. The actual answer can be solved through the formula I just derived. n! - ((n + 1 - m) (n-m)! m!) = x. In this situation, n is the size of the group m is the size of the two who cannot stand next to each other and x is the number of
What would be the third side of the triangle if a triangle has sides of lengths 3 and 7?
1. 142. 11One side of a triangle must not exceed the sum of the other two sides in length. 11 is greater than 3 + 7, so 11 cannot be a side.
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