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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most revered private research universities in the United States. For young students who have taken their high school studies seriously, it ranks right up there with Harvard, Yale, and Princeton for a potential future home of the academic elites. If you’re about to embark on your college journey but aren’t yet sure where the path leads, take this quiz about MIT and learn a little more about the school! You might just find the place you wish to spend the next four to six years of your life.

Where in Massachusetts is MIT located? When was the university founded? True or false: the institute adopted an European polytechnic model and stressed laboratory instruction in engineering and applied science. What is MIT traditionally known for? Do you know the acceptance rate associated with MIT? How many Nobel Laureates has the institute produced?

MIT is a prestigious university. Do you have what it takes to get in? Attempt our quizzes on MIT today!

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  • List five qualities of a Granite City Line Cook as outlined in the Host Manual 

  • The ticket time goal for an appetizer is?

  • The ticket time goal for a Flatbread Pizza is?

  • Upon the completion of training, what things should a Granite City prep cook be able to do? 
    MIT question from

  • What information should be located on a product label that is used on the container of the item you have prepared? 
    MIT question from

  • What does FIFO mean?
    MIT question from

  • The BOH maintenance log includes two pieces of information, what are they?
    MIT question from

  • Who do we order our small wares items from?
    MIT question from

  • Who approves your small wares order before placing?
    MIT question from

  • What are two of the 5 situations described in the Figure Eights Module that a skilled Manager should recognize to maintain a full restaurant while working with the Host Staff?

  • What are 4 of the principles needed to make the quote?

  • Seating Table for Table means to have 2 minute table turns from Guest leaving to Guest being sat.