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For more than sixty years, students looking hopefully at their law school applications have had one more hurdle in their way besides stand-out GPAs, resumes ripe with real world experience, and letters of recommendation from any faculty willing to write one: the Law School Admission Test, or LSAT.

Curious about how much it costs? Scared about what your score will (or won’t) say to your application schools? Need to know what kind of knowledge is needed during this examination? Wondering when during the year you’ll be able to sign up for a seat to take the test?

Whether you feel secure in your reading comprehension and reasoning, or you really don’t know what rubbish to scribble down in your writing section, make sure you’re ready for your LSAT by taking these quizzes to find out more!

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  • Some researchers consider anti-matter to be the ultimate source of propulsion energy. In anti-matter, as opposed to matter, electrical charges are reversed. A proton of matter has a positive charge. An anti-proton has a negative charge. When matter collides with antimatter in a particle accelerator, the two annihilate each other, producing phenomenal energy. It almost completely converts matter into energy. Anti-matter annihilation is about 100 times more powerful than nuclear fission, and it is about 10 billion times more energetic than present day chemical (rocket) engines. What explains the non-usage of anti-matter in spite of the apparent advantages?

  • Residents argue that the recent effort to reduce crime by clamping a curfew on movement in groups of 6 or more persons after 5:00 pm is insufficient and unproductive especially as students usually move late in groups of 4 or 5. They claim that simply having all movements in groups of even two persons restricted after 8:00 pm could be a greater deterrent to crime. Which of the following does the argument NOT assume?

  • Private suppliers of education are performing far better than government ones. But Amartya Sen argues for banning private tuitions and non-government schools and states that banning private schools will improve government schools in the long run. Private tuitions must be banned because they give the rich an edge, hence making the poor suffer. If we want to see our government schools in a better shape; we simply need to adhere to Sen`s suggestions. Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the author`s argument for banning private tuitions?

  • This test is a standardized examination for individuals looking to gain admission into law school to study which is administered 4 times across the year, when did this law examination start?

  • This is a standard college entrance test for a prospective student looking to study law in college, which months of the year do they normally do this test?

  • This exam is taken across continents while other countries have their own similar law entrance examination, which notable country adopts LSAT?

  • How many times in a year is the test administered?

  • LSAT is

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  • 1.  Biologist:  A recent study investigated individuals use of over-the-counter pain medicines and discovered a disturbing trend:  Many people use these medications instead of seeking medical help for potentially serious conditions.  Among those who used over-the-counter pain medications most frequently, the rate of disorders such as heart disease, cancer, and liver disease was nearly twice as high as it is in the overall population, even though these individuals were actually more likely to have adequate health insurance than the overal population.Which one of the following statements, if true, most seriously weakens the biologists argument.

  • 2. Over recent decades, average ocean temperatures on Earth have steadily risen, causing the destruction of much marine habitant.  It has been established that the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere can increase average ocean temperatures, and over the past century the emission of carbon dioxide by human industry has increased dramatically.  Although many scientists believe that these emissions are responsible for the increase in average ocean temperatures, geological evidence shows that both carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and average ocean tempratures have fluctuated widely in the past with no human intervention.Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main conclusion of the argument?

  • 3.  Editorial: The insurance industry claims that legal costs associated with frivolous lawsuits and outrageous awards are responsible for the skyrocketing price of insurance, but this explanation cannot be correct.  Although it is true that legal costs incurred by insurance companies have increased at an accelerating rate over the past several years, these costs have increased at only a fraction of the rate at which the prices that insurance companies charge have increased.Which one of the following, if true, lends the greatest support to the editorials argument.