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Do you think you have what it takes to be a teacher in the state of Texas? Are you getting ready to take the Texas Examination of Educator Standards? Some of the questions might be harder than you think! Questions on the test can cover math and history, science and languages, and even topics such as art and music.
Can you identify the best program to use when making simple animations for a website? Can you explain the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Are you able to describe the Marshall Plan? The TExES can be hard, so try out our quizzes and get some practice in to make sure you’re ready! Check out our quizzes today and start getting prepared.

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  • John has recently been in a fight with another student in school. The school's policy calls for suspension from school when a student is caught fighting. John is a student with mild mental retardation and as a special education student, his ARD Committee must first conduct a manifestation determination hearing (review) to determine which of the following?

  • Suzy is a student with severe learning disabilities. Which of the following placements is most likely to be the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for her?

  • Mr. Guest has a new paraprofessional in his classroom. How can the paraprofessional best prepare to perform her duties?

  • Which of the following behaviors demonstrated by a two-year-old child would be the clearest indicator that the motor development of that child may be impaired?

  • A fifth grader has diabetes and manages her illness through insulin injections. Which of the following symptoms should indicate to a teacher that this student may be experiencing insulin shock?

  • Ms. Smith stops the class after just a few minutes of mathematics instruction, which is taking place at the board. She asks two questions requiring simple student responses on 3 x 5 cards and after quickly reviewing the cards, returns to instructing at the board. Which type of assessment is being used by this teacher?

  • This type of image is created or "drawn" on the screen according to mathematical algorithms.

  • Which type of graphic can be resized without any loss of quality?

  • Which type of graphic is resolution-dependent?

  • Students in a middle school class have been studying the battle of the Alamo.The teacher plans a role-playing activityto help structure whole-class discussionabout the Alamo. During the discussion,one student will play the role of anewspaper reporter and interview otherstudents who assume the roles of varioushistorical figures (e.g., Santa Anna, SamHouston, soldiers in the Mexican army).This instructional strategy is likely topromote students oral languageproficiency primarily by helping thestudents:

  • A fourth-grade class has been reading folktales from around the world. Which of thefollowing oral language activities wouldbe most effective in promoting studentsmulticultural awareness and appreciation?

  • A teacher reads aloud a story to a studentwho is in the emergent literacy stageof reading development. The teacherwants to assess the students literalcomprehension of the sequence of eventsin the story. Which of the followingassessment strategies would be mostappropriate for this purpose?