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Do you think you have what it takes to be a teacher in the state of Texas? Are you getting ready to take the Texas Examination of Educator Standards? Some of the questions might be harder than you think! Questions on the test can cover math and history, science and languages, and even topics such as art and music.
Can you identify the best program to use when making simple animations for a website? Can you explain the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Are you able to describe the Marshall Plan? The TExES can be hard, so try out our quizzes and get some practice in to make sure you’re ready! Check out our quizzes today and start getting prepared.
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If you’re an aspiring public-school teacher in the state of Texas, this quiz will help you acquire your TExES Special Education Certification, a certification you’ll get for passing an exam designed to measure your...

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    John has recently been in a fight with another student in school. The school's policy calls for suspension from school when a student is caught fighting. John is a student with mild mental retardation and as a special education student, his ARD Committee must first conduct a manifestation determination hearing (review) to determine which of the following?

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    Students in a middle school class have been studying the battle of the Alamo.The teacher plans a role-playing activityto help structure whole-class discussionabout the Alamo. During the discussion,one student will play the role of anewspaper reporter and interview otherstudents who assume the roles of varioushistorical figures (e.g., Santa Anna, SamHouston, soldiers in the Mexican army).This instructional strategy is likely topromote students' oral languageproficiency primarily by helping thestudents:

Special Education may seem simple to study but truth be told, it can actually be very hard. Are you a student of the study or just interested in it? If so, take this quiz it’s for you.

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    Which of the following behaviors demonstrated by a two-year-old child would be the clearest indicator that the motor development of that child may be impaired?

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    A music teacher records the concerts presented by his student ensembles. These concerts always include music that is copyrighted. Which of the following best describes how the teacher may legally use the recordings without obtaining permission from the copyright owners?   

Welcome to the Ec-12 (158) Ultimate Trivia Questions Quiz on TExES Physical Education! Working out has a lot of benefits to our body, and if one gets the certification, you are expected to know the perfect workouts for different...

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    Milestones of refined finger control can be expected at which of the following ages?

TExES Questions & Answers

What is an ecological assessment? Sandra is being evaluated for her possible need and eligibility for special education services. The school's LSSP wants to conduct an ecological assessment on...
An ecological assessment requires assessing the student in various environments, therefore, the best answer would be classroom observations instead of interviews.
Suzy is a student with severe learning disabilities. Which of the following placements is most likely to be the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for her?
This Question-Answer pairing is erroneous."Suzy is a student withsevere learning disabilities.Which of the followingplacementsismost likelyto bethe Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)for her?"While "Suzy's" "educational needs
Which of the following placements is most likely to be the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for her? Suzy is a student with severe learning disabilities.
B -Part of the day in regular education classes and the rest of the day in special education classes. C seemed too vague.