TExES ELA And Reading 4-8 Practice Test

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TExES ELA And Reading 4-8 Practice Test

To all the students out there who are almost doing their exams and need reading practice take this quiz. It is specifically designed to find out your knowledge in class during the previous semester.

Sample Question

Students in a middle school class have been studying the battle of the Alamo.The teacher plans a role-playing activityto help structure whole-class discussionabout the Alamo. During the discussion,one student will play the role of anewspaper reporter and interview otherstudents who assume the roles of varioushistorical figures (e.g., Santa Anna, SamHouston, soldiers in the Mexican army).This instructional strategy is likely topromote students' oral languageproficiency primarily by helping thestudents:

Understand how differing points of view affect spoken messages.

Recognize differences between spoken and written language.

Learn how to adapt spoken language for informal occasions.

Expand their speaking and listening vocabularies.

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