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What is the present age of Mr. Sharma if the younger is now 8 years old if Mr. Sharma has two sons and Four years ago, Mr. Sharma was three times as old as his eldest son & four years hence the...
The correct answer to this question is A, 52 years of age. This is a classic type of question that may appear on IQ test or aptitude test. Such a question tests your ability to comprehende logic and numbers. It appears like it would be a math problem
What is the total number of examinees if the number of failures is 420 if In an examination 65% of the total examinees passed?
To begin, you have to do a little bit of math. Say you start with a hundred percent and 65% of the examinees passed. So, you have to subtract 65% from 100%, and you get 35%. So, the 420 failures represent 35%, and it looks like this. 100% - 65% = 35%