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  • John got up his courage and tried out for the school play.  The part he wanted went to an older more experienced student.  John thinks, “I’m a total failure at acting.  I might as well give up.” 

  • ·      Well, I know he stole his dad’s car, but he’s really very honest and trustworthy.

  • Dave is out on a date with a girl he really likes.  They are at a nice restaurant.  Dave leans towards his date to pick up the menu and accidentally knocks over a glass of water.  The waiter comes and wipes it up quickly before anything gets wet, but Dave is so upset he can’t focus on what his date is saying for the rest of the evening.  He keeps thinking about how he knocked over that glass.

  • Employers use cognitive is to _______

  • Which of this is not a type of Cognitive test?

  • 9, __, 27, __ fill in the missing numbers

  • An infant can only look at a movie one frame at a time during this stage of development

  • In this stage sequences of a movie can be remembered and the ability to use symbols to represent something that is not present can be used

  • In this stage pictures of a movie can be run backword and forward to arrive at its meaning

  • Consent Form for Participation in Student Project    Study Title: Cognitive Ability Assessment   Principal Investigators: Alana Yoel ([email protected]), Nicholas Ferrell ([email protected])   Purpose of this Student Project The purpose of this student project, Cognitive Ability Assessment, is to study the effects of various social and cognitive factors on performance on a cognitive task.    Procedures  You will take a survey online that may involve words or words and pictures. The beginning of the survey will present you with instructions, after which you will take a test of spatial reasoning. You may also be asked to give some demographic information. None of your answers will be associated with your name.   Duration: This student project takes a total of no more than a half hour to complete. This project will be performed from the comfort of your own home on a laptop or anywhere you wish from a public computer. However, we ask that you choose a quiet environment if you are to complete the task in a public space.   Participant Requirements  Participants in this project must be fluent in English.   Risks The risks and discomfort associated with participation in this project are no greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life using computers or doing a routine psychological test.  During the experiment, you may feel tired of sitting or concentrating.   Benefits There may be no personal benefit from your participation in this project but the knowledge received may be of value to student education.   Compensation & Costs There will be no cost to you if you participate in this project.   Confidentiality The researchers will take the following steps to protect participants’ identities during this project: (1) Each participant will be assigned a code. (2) The researchers will record any data collected during the study by this code, not by name.    Rights Your participation is voluntary.  You are free to stop your participation at any point.  Refusal to participate or withdrawal of your consent or discontinued participation in the study will not result in any penalty or loss of benefits or rights to which you might otherwise be entitled.   Right to Ask Questions & Contact Information If you have any questions about this project, you should feel free to ask them over email before you begin or submit your responses.  If you have questions later or desire additional information, please contact the Principle Investigator by email. To stop your participation at any point, click the X in the upper right or left corner of your screen.     Voluntary Consent By checking agree below, you agree that the above information has been explained to you.  You understand that you may ask questions about any aspect of this student project before completed project and in the future.  By signing this form, you agree to participate in this student project.  If you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above, please check agree below and continue to the next question.
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