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If you can read this, then thank a teacher! Yes, teachers play a very important role in our society. Everybody needs to be educated, everybody needs a teacher. That’s why the state of Florida uses the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) to guarantee that teachers demonstrate mastery of basic skills, professional knowledge, and specialize in their chosen field.

Calling all teachers out there! If you’re planning to take the FTCE test anytime soon, then check out these quizzes and let us help you prepare! Our quizzes will get you up and running for the different tests: General Knowledge, Professional Education and Subject Area Examinations. Are you all set? This time, it’s your turn to take a few quizzes. Good luck!
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Teachers are very important people in the economy and this is mainly due to the fact that they help young ones become a big part of the world. For teachers to teach in Florida they need to get a teaching license. Do you want to...

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    To assess reading comprehension of a passage, an alternative to a multiple-choice test would be to have the student.

The FTCE are exams taken by aspiring teachers and used to confirm that candidates have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach in the state. Below is The Florida practice state test 6-12: FTCE English Certification Quiz that...

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    The words gothic, vandal, and turret represent which of the following influences on language?

Do you want to know about Florida Teacher Certification Exams? Then take this quiz and learn more about this Professional Certification quiz! 

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    To assess a reading comprehension of a passage, an alternative to a multiple-choise test would be to have the student.


FTCE Questions & Answers

An ESOL student applies the use of his or her first language in acquisition of English. This is an example of?
Per Wikipedia Language transfer(also known asL1 interference,linguistic interference, andcrosslinguistic influence) refers to speakers or writers applying knowledge from one language to another language.[1]It is the transfer of linguistic features b
What is represented by the words gothic, vandal, and turret?
The answer to this question is letter B. The given words Gothic, turret, and vandal originated from various histories across the world. The word Gothic was from the word Goth that means the ancient German people or of the Goths and used as early as 1
Which technique will most effectively establish a 9th grade teacher's expectation for assignment?
The problem with all these questions is that the ENGLISH is ABYSMAL. The questions have to be interpreted from bad english.The answer provided is correct if the question is "Which technique will most effectively establish a 9th grade teacher's e
Which strategy would be most appropriate to use to improve their comprehension of basic English vocabulary? An 8th-grade teacher has students at the beginning level of English proficiency.
Originally developed by James Asher, an American professor of psychology, in the 1960s, Total Physical Response (TPR) is based on the theory that the memory is enhanced through association with physical movement. It is also closely associated with th
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