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  • How does an a alpha channel and masking color control image transparency?
    How does an a alpha channel and masking color control image transparency?
    The alpha channel allows partial transparency. It will allow the various colors to blend into their backgrounds, but it will also allow Internet Explorer 7 and other applications to read partial transparency The alpha channel isn’t used in every single application, so this is a sketchy way to see partial transparency. (It should also be noted that “transparency” is a word that many disagree on; some use it to mean that you can see through, while others use it to mean the color is less opaque than a solid color.) Masking color control, on the other hand, is a tool in photoshop-like programs that allows you to place a color over another without losing the original color. It’s almost like a cut and paste that allows you to keep the original layer and go back to it if you need to.

  • If a collector is unable to provide verification of a debt in response to a consumer’s written request for verification, the collector should:
    If a collector is unable to provide verification of a debt in response to a consumer’s written request for verification, the collector should:
    Direct or request removal of the item from the consumer s credit report or report the item as disputed to the appropriate credit reporting agency, at the collector s next available opportunity.

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